How to Make Multifamily Property Listings & Reviews Work for You

Multi-Housing News

As they search online for multifamily housing options, prospective residents will first be exposed to your brand through your business listings and reviews of your properties. With an understanding that first impressions can make or break a business, property managers are increasingly utilizing online reputation management strategies to ensure their listings are easy to find and their reviews truly reflect their brand.
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Rethinking Seniors Housing Resident Engagement — Technology That Improves Staff Efficiencies While Enhancing the Resident Experience

Why is resident engagement vital within seniors housing communities? How has resident engagement changed during COVID? How can operators create a better living experience for residents, while also creating staff and operational efficiencies? Tune in for an upcoming discussion to understand how new technology can improve the quality of life for seniors while reducing operator costs.
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How Technology is Disrupting the Real Estate Industry


Software is eating the world, and the Real Estate industry is no exception. Tech is shaping each and every aspect of Real Estate from how brokers communicate with their prospects and clients, to how data is being leveraged to optimize the tenant experience. Join us to learn the biggest tech trends that are shaping Real Estate, and how your business can leverage these tactics to stay ahead of the curve.
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The Building Safety Bill – Investor considerations

In a webinar that will be of equal interest to practitioners advising landlord clients, and developers of residential and mixed use property, our expert speakers discuss the implications of the Building Safety Bill currently going through parliament for real estate investors. Topics discussed include: The changing landscape What is coming and how does it lead back up to investors? Funding of building safety works – Building Safety Bill Investor impact – What is the ripple out effect?
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The Housing Bubble's Impact on Homeowners, Renters and Investors


Whether it’s the start of a housing bubble or a paradigm shift, the real estate market is in flux and the impact is certain to be widespread, affecting not just homeowners but renters and real estate investors too. Watch this webinar to get the facts behind the hype and prepare for the dramatic changes ahead.
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