How to Tap Unlimited Funding for Your Real Estate Deals

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If you poll a group of real estate investors on what they need right now in their business, 9 out of 10 of these investors would say “money” to do more deals! One of the best unlimited funding sources is utilizing retirement accounts. A recent statistic states that there are two TRILLION dollars held in retirement accounts; however, only 2% of these accounts are invested in real estate! In this free webinar, Matt Faircloth (Author of BP’s book on Raising Private Capital) is going to teach you how to tap one of the best unlimited funding sources for your real estate deals!
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Buying and owning real estate is an exciting investment strategy, that can be both satisfying and lucrative. Unlike stock and bond investors, prospective real estate owners can use leverage to buy a property by paying a portion of the total cost up front, then paying off the balance, plus interest, over time.


Digital Marketing Strategies to Attract Seniors Housing Residents

You’ve heard this before: “I’m not old enough to go into senior living Or, I’ll go into senior living when I can’t.” Operators and marketers face a unique challenge of convincing seniors they don’t have to give up their quality of life to live in a seniors community. At 2:00 pm Eastern on August 24, Seniors Housing Business will host a webinar featuring a panel of sales and marketing experts sharing strategies that engage and motivate reluctant seniors. What you’ll learn: How seniors view the move to senior living and why they put it off. Digital marketing strategies that promote community living as a positive solution. Where to invest your marketing budget for different types of buyers through the purchase journey. How operators can leverage attribution and insights to make smarter marketing decisions. Speakers include Jeff Gronemeyer, VP, New Business Development, Conversion Logix; Christy Van Der Westhuizen, VP of Sales & Marketing, MBK Senior Living; and Julie Podewitz, Founder & CEO, Grow Your Occupancy. The webinar is complimentary thanks to sponsor Conversion Logix, a marketing and technology company dedicated to generating leads, appointments, and sales for senior living and multifamily housing operators.
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Tokenization of Commercial Real Estate: Offering and Trading Property Investments on the Blockchain

The adoption of cryptocurrencies and the emergence of blockchain platforms have made real estate tokenization a potential capital-raising option. With tokenization, ownership interests in real estate assets can be more immediately bought and sold, but tokenization requires a thorough understanding of the technology, the offering process, and the regulatory issues involved. Investors typically invest in real estate through an LLC or limited partnership that owns an underlying property. With tokenization, LLC or LP interests are in the form of tokens that can be traded or used as collateral in smart contracts. The issuer must determine the number and type of tokens and select an exchange platform for trading. The issuer must also decide whether a security is being offered and registration is required. Offering documents may include operating agreements, subscription agreements, and a private placement memorandum. Offerings must also comply with KYC requirements and have appropriate protection of user data. Tokens should have built-in compliance features such as restrictions on transfers and secondary trading. Issuers will also need to determine how distributable cash will be paid (perhaps using stablecoins or other digital currency). Listen as our authoritative panel discusses these and other matters associated with commercial real estate tokenization.
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Lean Construction What Specialty Contractors Need to Know


You'll learn how to: - Reduce waste and rework, and increase profits - Closeout projects fast and step onto new jobsites even faster - Make your team invaluable to your owner and general contractor - Continuously improve your workflows
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How to Build Your Property’s Digital Curb Appeal

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Multifamily properties sometimes receive online ratings that don’t reflect their owners’ commitment to a positive resident experience. Can perceptions formed by negative reviews be successfully countered? View to learn how Gene B. Glick developed a successful marketing strategy to restore its properties’ “digital curb appeal.”
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