Identifying and Managing CRE Investment Opportunities

Investor Management Services, LLC

From opportunity zones to crowdfunding to off-market deals, there are more opportunities now than ever before to invest in commercial real estate. And leveraging data and technology can really help to differentiate your firm in these scenarios. But how can CRE professionals locate and execute these potential deals, or even choose which one(s) to invest in? And once they identify the best-fit for their portfolio, how should they go about managing the investment?
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This home buyer infographic compares the different demographics of the first time home buyer versus the move-up home buyer. As one might expect, there are a number of differences including household income, size of down payment and more.


The Contractor’s Perspective on the Construction Industry - Insights from the CCI

Dodge Data & Analytics

This webinar looks at what the Q2 2018 CCI report reveals about contractors’ overall confidence in the market and their biggest concerns and challenges. In addition to looking at their responses about revenues, backlog of work and workforce shortages, the webinar explores their expectations about the impact of the new steel and aluminum tariffs on their businesses and their level of engagement with green building.
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US Capital Trends Webinar

The U.S. commercial real estate market posted a record first quarter for deal activity but conditions for investment have changed rapidly in recent weeks. Accelerating inflation, rising debt costs and recession fears are some of the challenges facing investors. Please join Jim Costello, Chief Economist of MSCI Real Assets, for a discussion on: Record-high property prices under pressure Investment pullback in the second quarter - not all a function of interest rates Changing liquidity and more normal patterns of buyer participation Investors’ continued focus on industrial and apartments despite challenges
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Delta Media Group

Delta Media Group offered a solution to a industry challenge when it comes to non-integration of systems. They launched The Fusion Project, which is a seamless, integrated and automated system for all of your real estate marketing and technology needs. Jonathan Blood stated, "The seamless and efficient operation of a real estate business is critical to it's success." The Fusion Project integrates listing videos, website chat, email marketing, search engine optimization, lead generation, traffic generation, customer reviews, pay per click, social media marketing, and mobile websites. Mike Minard stated, "Any one looking to grow their real estate business must continually look at how to improve their business and marketing systems. These systems should be growing their business while taking less of their time."
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Structuring Office Leases in the Economic Recovery: Increased Work From Home, Office Sharing

The increased transition to work-from-home has led to renewed renegotiations of office leases. Companies large and small face concerns as to obligations under their commercial leases. There are several potential solutions for both landlords and tenants. Some businesses may consider whether office sharing or hoteling is the solution to reducing their footprint in office space. Still, co-tenants have to consider an agreement that addresses the ownership of assets and repairs of the leased property. The parties must determine whether a proper contractual resolution is possible. Tenants positioned for a true resurgence may want to look at abatements or deferrals. Tenants subject to a true contraction may consider subleasing or assigning portions of the space or term of the lease to a new tenant. Outside of contract, there are common law solutions if either party identifies grounds to pursue (or defend) a claim regarding the doctrines of impossibility, impracticality of purpose, or frustration of purpose. Finally, the stakeholders must consider the context of the overarching situation when attempting negotiations. What is the current occupancy level of an office development and how will that impact negotiations? What is the financial condition of the tenant? Is bankruptcy more or less a certainty such that a deferral is simply moving a few months down the calendar? Tenants negotiating new leases should consider language that will address rent relief if and when there is another pandemic or other health emergency that results in closures or reduced business hours or restricted occupancies. Listen as our expert panel discusses the possibilities to negotiate and resolve lease issues landlords and tenants face in light of the current economic trends and addresses the contractual, common law, and contextual issues that come into play when trying to meet each parties' needs.
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