CICI Bank is holding an informative Webinar on Indian Real Estate Tax Rules and Regulations by our speaker, Mr. Sandeep Shanbhag. Topics to be addressed during the webinar: Real Estate - Taxation of notional income, Rules and regulations for taxation of rental income, Capital Gains Tax - The concept of Cost Inflation Index and Rules for repatriation of real estate sale proceeds.
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Weingarten Realty Investors (NYSE: WRI) is a shopping center owner, manager and developer. To learn more about the Company’s operations and growth strategies


Disruption in Real Estate: WeWork and the growth of flex space providers

S&P Global Ratings

They discussed our recent reports on the fast growing flexible space segment in office real estate and our ratings on WeWork Co.
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Health at the Core — Real Estate Redefines its Value Proposition. And We ALL Benefit

From multifamily to corporate real estate, it’s usually not easy to make the invisible important to buyers and tenants. Air filtration calculus and material chemical composition just isn’t as compelling as skyline views and granite countertops — nor is the invisible as easy to showcase. But in the current environment the ways that our interior spaces are helping keep us safer and healthier lead the benefits list for nearly every customer. Hear how real estate leaders on both coasts are creating people-first places and readying them for a real estate market that has changed forever.
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Seniors Housing Investor Outlook 2018


Our discussion will highlight: - National and local area construction and absorption trends - Labor market observations - NIC/NREI Investor Sentiment Survey results - Transactions volume, pricing and cap rate trends - Comparative commercial real estate investment performance returns - Current trends and near-term outlook for seniors housing market fundamentals
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Corporate Transparency Act for Real Estate Borrowers and Lenders: New Federal Reporting Requirements

The CTA establishes beneficial ownership disclosure and reporting requirements for any newly formed and existing corporation, LLC or partnership which files formation documents in any state. Real estate counsel must understand the disclosure and other requirements of the CTA, including what constitutes a "beneficial owner" and the entities to which it applies. Any entity that has filed formation documents in any state is considered a "reporting company" for purposes of the CTA, subject to certain exemptions. Newly formed entities must submit a disclosure of its beneficial owners to FinCEN at the time of formation, and existing entities must file the disclosure within two years. A reporting company must also provide updated information to FinCEN within one year upon a change in beneficial ownership. Failure to comply with the new CTA reporting requirements will result in serious penalties. Failure to meet the reporting standards may result in civil penalties of up to $500 per day, and any individual who willfully provides false or fraudulent information may face criminal fines up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment for up to two years. The CTA adds a new layer of reporting and compliance requirements for lenders in real estate finance transactions. Lenders will need to reassess their AML protocols to better match the requirements of the CTA. Listen as our authoritative panel discusses the CTA, the new federal reporting requirements it imposes on borrowers, and the added due diligence issues it presents for lenders.
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