Instagram and Pinterest in Real Estate

When it comes to social media, we are living in the Photo Economy. Photos are everywhere in social media and two emerging social media platforms - Instagram and Pinterest are hotter then ever.
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Cutting water use by 12 percent to 36 percent is no easy task, so it's not surprising homeowners and homebuilders are turning to graywater systems.


Product Disclosure: What's in a Building?


Since the late 1990s there has been an increasing awareness among building owners for the use of sustainable, energy saving and safe products for use in their buildings. Recent studies have indicated that most building owners and facility personnel place sustainable and safe materials as their number one buying influencer. This has had a major impact on what building materials and application methods are used in 21st Century buildings. The requirement for safer-materials is further enhanced by the influence that LEED now has on building design and construction. LEED has introduced Product Disclosure requirements for points. The LEED requirements were initially regulated to specialized project personnel - typically safety and environmental specialists. As professionals in all phases of the building industry, it has become apparent that this program is becoming more standardized and required on most projects. Therefore professionals in all phases of the building industry should have a working knowledge of these requirements.
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We host webinars featuring proven social media strategies, practical tactics, and upcoming trends in the real estate industry. Join us for an upcoming live webinar, or browse our library of on-demand webinars.
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How To Buy And Profit From Real Estate Overseas

Live and Invest Overseas

In this webinar our Real Estate Sales Director James Archer, Kathleen Peddicord, and I were joined by special guests from the UK, Panama, and Argentina to discuss the benefits of diversifying your investment portfolio into global property markets, as well as specific current opportunities of particular interest.
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Hotels and Real Estate


Francesco Calia speaks at a TV QI conference addressing the issue of management methods and innovative business aspects introduced by internazionai hotel chains in Italy.
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