Intellectual property in construction 2018


Intellectual Property touches on many areas of a construction lawyer's practice, and in this webinar our IP specialists discuss some key issues as they relate to you. Topics discussed include:
- Intellectual property and its relevance to the construction sector.
- Digital Construction and IP.
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Gold Coast Property Management Quarterly Market Update.


Boundary Problems and Property-Line Disagreements


Your telephone rings, you receive an email and/or a potential client drops by your office. They want you to perform a survey of their property, when can you come to the property and how much will it cost? You ask for the location of the property and their contact information. You thank them for giving you this opportunity to perform their land surveying services and began preparing a cost estimate for your land surveying services.
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Smart Building Data Analytics Operating Real Estate


Most buildings we see today were designed and built at a time when technology was simple and unsophisticated. Fast forward to today and a combination of the Internet, building networks, the cloud and smart connected devices all delivering data to a new breed of data gathering and analysis platforms, allow us to operate assets at a new level of precision. How do I connect devices? What data is important, and how much data is too much? How do I differentiate between all the systems, and which should be integrated? Where do I find the expertise on best practices? This webinar will present insight from industry leaders @ the forefront of the smart building analytics revolution.
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VAT and property in 2021

Our indirect tax specialists discuss a number of topical VAT issues related to UK real estate, both new and ongoing, covering topics including: RCB 12/2020 - VAT on early termination fees and compensation payments VAT exemption Domestic reverse charge Sale and leasebacks A recent care home case
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How to Maximize Small Multifamily ROI in 2018: An Investment & Finance Outlook

Multi-Housing News

As the multifamily cycle matures and fundamentals tighten, investors and owners are searching for creative ways to boost ROI. From exploring new growth markets to refinancing with improved loan terms and lower rates, the choices made today will play a critical role in positioning your firm for long-term success. Geared toward owners and operators of communities valued between $1 million and $10 million, this free webinar will expand your arsenal of actionable ways to optimize and expand your multifamily portfolio.
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