Investing in Real Estate through Equity Crowdfunding

Real estate is one of the most tried and true asset classes one can invest in existence. Crowdfunding on the internet, in contrast, is a new technology that didn’t exist just a few years ago. Yet, it is already facilitating significant  investment activity each year. And with at least 85 real estate crowdfunding platforms already in existence, the activity is poised to keep growing.
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Morningstar Equity research ESG Risk Integration

In this Morningstar Institutional Equity Series webinar, our speakers explain the increased usage and prevalence of ESG, its benefits in the current market landscape and the value it will add to PitchBook public company profiles. Key takeaways Companies with greater ESG risk are less likely to receive wide economic moats, while also being prone to greater uncertainty ratings At present, our most overvalued companies—1-star stocks—carry considerably lower total ESG risk versus other star-rating cohorts, suggesting investors may be paying a high price to own firms with positive ESG credentials We view the greatest ESG risk in the energy and utilities sectors, and the lowest in technology and real estate
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Build a Powerful Niche with Residential Real Estate Investors

Residential Real Estate Council

Real estate investors do not think like home buyers. They have unique needs, and the savvy Realtor can build a powerful, loyal niche business by understanding and exceeding those needs, and offering value added services. This course will cover the types of residential real estate investors, how to attract and maintain investor business, how to assist in long-range planning, and create a client relationship for life.
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Passive Activity Losses in Real Estate

Understand how to properly capture passive activity income in order to utilize available passive losses.Due to multiple new 2019 rules, this program will present topics that are essential for tax season. We saw the initial introduction of the TCJA mandated rules in the 2018 tax filing season including; Section 199A deductions, interest expense limitations, and limitations on the use of excess business losses. Losses will now require new ordering priorities and computations. The topic will present examples of the relationship between these various new rules. We will also discuss the computations essential for the calculations of net operating losses and how they are utilized after the TCJA. An additional highlight of the program will be a discussion of how to properly capture passive activity income in order to utilize available passive losses.
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How To Achieve 100+ Real Estate Transactions Every Year


Does 100+ transactions a year sound unachievable to you? It shouldn’t… And no matter the market conditions you can achieve success. But it doesn’t come down to simply telling yourself you’re a great agent or schlepping even more clients around all weekend. Krista Mashore joins Dale Warner to show YOU how she uses hard work, boundless energy, established business processes, and systematized workflows from her CRM to propel her through any difficult market condition.
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