Investment in UK Commercial and Residential Real Estate


David Piesing and Dmitry Zapol discuss the key issues to be aware of when investing in UK commercial and residential real estate.
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The short-term shock and long-term benefits for the Indian real estate market caused by the ban of 500 and 1,000 Rupee notes.


How to Maximize Small Multifamily ROI in 2018: An Investment & Finance Outlook

Multi-Housing News

As the multifamily cycle matures and fundamentals tighten, investors and owners are searching for creative ways to boost ROI. From exploring new growth markets to refinancing with improved loan terms and lower rates, the choices made today will play a critical role in positioning your firm for long-term success. Geared toward owners and operators of communities valued between $1 million and $10 million, this free webinar will expand your arsenal of actionable ways to optimize and expand your multifamily portfolio.
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Spring 2019 Real Estate Economic Forecast


The ULI Center for Capital Markets and Real Estate was founded in 2009 with a mission to promote understanding of the real estate capital markets and provide leadership in fostering a healthy and productive real estate capital markets sector. ULI currently is engaged in real estate finance and capital market activities and programs across the organization, and the Center is integrally involved in developing, guiding, and/or showcasing both ongoing and new programs.
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Unique Strategies And Opportunities For 2022

Breakthrough Broker President, Eric Sachs and guest speaker, Jeff Lobb, Founder and CEO of SparkTank Media discuss in detail, creative strategies that can help agents focus on finding new sales opportunities and build a better funnel for listing inventory now and in the future. This power-packed session gives you the insight, the tools, and ideas that can take your listings and your business to the next level. Here's what else you can expect from this workshop: Unique strategies for finding more leads Tips to build a network in your community with creative suggestions Video marketing strategies How to use a mobile business card to level up your networking And much more!
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Mezzanine Foreclosure in Real Estate Finance: UCC Article 9, Mortgage and Intercreditor Constraints, Threshold Issues

Mezzanine loans have become the preferred vehicle for subordinate financing in real estate transactions. The repayment obligation is typically secured by a perfected UCC security interest in the mortgage borrower's equity interests. Counsel should have a thorough understanding of how the foreclosure remedy is exercised under Article 9 and the mezzanine foreclosure ramifications for the mortgage borrower, mortgage lender, and other parties to the transaction. Before commencing foreclosure, the mezzanine lender must review all relevant transaction documents, including UCC insurance policies. If the debtor "opted into" Article 8, the lender must locate the certificate. Counsel must understand the mortgage lender's rights and the rights of any senior mezzanine lenders, ground lessors, or other parties with interest in the underlying property. An intercreditor agreement will likely provide the most significant input into the timing and nature of remedies vis a vis other lenders. Article 9 provides that a public sale must be conducted in a "commercially reasonable" manner, with advance notice to all relevant parties under Sections 9-611 and 9-612. The public must have a "meaningful opportunity" for competitive bidding, requiring some form of advertisement or public notice preceding the sale. The location and manner of the sale should be appropriate to allow for public access to the disposition. Recent New York case law indicates that "commercially reasonable" may entail more stringent standards in light of foreclosure moratoriums and the continuing impacts of the pandemic on real estate properties. The mortgage may limit the transfer of ownership interests in the mortgage borrower to a "qualified transferee," generally defined as either the mezzanine lender itself or an institutional investor meeting specific requirements. This significantly restricts the potential universe of purchasers at a foreclosure sale, and the process of "qualifying" the winning bidder may inject uncertainty surrounding the ability of a buyer to close.
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