Investment in UK Commercial and Residential Real Estate

David Piesing and Dmitry Zapol discuss the key issues to be aware of when investing in UK commercial and residential real estate.
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Watch Gary Hollis, Managing Director for Capital Markets at Cushman & Wakefield, Asia Pacific presenting H2 2016 & 2017 outlook for investors.


Successful Construction Project Completion: Is Your Customer Satisfied?


This live webinar is designed for project managers, contractors, subcontractors, developers, principals, owners, suppliers, architects, engineers, construction professionals and attorneys.

Commercial Mortgages, Security Deeds and Deeds of Trust


As the commercial real estate lending market rebounds, borrowers need to obtain new loans or refinance existing loans.However, conservative underwriting standards and increased regulation are affecting how real estate lenders approve loans and how they negotiate the terms of their documentation, especially the mortgage. Many lenders have toughened their forms and approach negotiation with a more rigid perspective.

Real Estate Equity Global fund Q1 update

Guy Mountain, Fund Manager of the Sarasin Real Estate Equity fund. provides an update on positioning and performance over the last quarter.

Affordable Housing Trends and Recent Developments


More than 50 years after Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech, racial discrimination is still at the forefront of American society as evidenced by the widespread civil unrest surrounding police treatment of minorities in local jurisdictions throughout the country. Racial barriers continue to affect our communities, where we live and how housing developments are being developed and financed in the United States. Understand how the financing of affordable housing developments in the U.S. is being affected by a recent Supreme Court Ruling and a new HUD rule on discrimination, disparate impact and the obligation of state and local governments to promote fair housing.