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The IPD Global Quarterly Property Fund Index for Q3 2015 shows an acceleration of performance to 3.3% in the quarter to September 2015, the strongest since March 2011. This brings the 12 month return to 13.4%, well-ahead of bonds, equities and real estate equities.
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Loni Graiver, owner of The Maine Real Estate Network brought in nationally recognized success coach and speaker, John Brubaker (Coach Bru) for a four week training session.


Managing Your Real Estate Business With Insightly

Insightly, Inc

If you’re in real estate, you know all too well that keeping track of details and your clients can mean the difference between sales success and a sales slump. That’s where Insightly comes in. In this 1-hour webinar, we outline best practices for using Insightly to manage your real estate business.
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MSCI Netherlands Quarterly Property Index, Q1 2019


The Netherlands real estate market still shows very strong performance, but it’s not immune to the slowdown we see in global markets. Listen to the Q1 2019 results of MSCI Netherlands Quarterly Property Index. In the first part, Maarten Broek, Executive Director, MSCI provides a summary of the drivers of performance in the Netherlands market. In the second part, Will Robson, Global Head of Real Estate Solutions Research, MSCI provides an insight into how the Netherlands compares globally.
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Affordable Rental Housing in the U.S. Where does it come from and what happens to it?

National Association of REALTORS

In this video, Dr. John Weicher, Director, Center for Housing & Financial Markets at the Hudson Institute, takes a 20-year look at affordable rental housing. His analysis spans 1985-2005 and discusses how that housing availability has changed and why.
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Taxes and the Construction Industry - What Changed?


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is a game changer for many industries but the impacts for the construction and engineering industry are particularly striking. Some of the changes create opportunities for savings, others may increase tax liabilities or require changes to business practices and tax planning. Now is the time for construction business owners and executives, their consultants and advisors, as well as architects and engineers to get a solid handle on the changes and make strategic decisions that could yield tax savings and avoid surprises.
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