Is NOW the Time to Invest in Real Estate?

Vident Financial

Real estate is an important component of any diversified portfolio. As a way to enhance a fixed-income portfolio, investors can consider real estate ETFs for an alternative yield-generating option to hedge against inflationary pressures and potentially generate attractive returns and growth in the environment ahead.
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Learn how to make the most out of your kitchen space. Professional Organizer Andi Willis shows you some inside tips and tricks on organizing your kitchen. Keep an eye out for more videos about home organization from Andi and Uncle Bob's Self Storage!


Why Multifamily Investors Are Expanding into Single-Family Rentals

Arbor Realty Trust

Join Charles Ostroff, SVP, Chief underwriter/credit officer, Single Family Rental at Arbor Realty Trust, along with experts from OwnAmerica and Yardi, for an in-depth discussion on: - The state of the residential rental market - Demographic research showing how the face of U.S. housing has changed - The latest trends in the single-family rental market

Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure

Sonen Capital

Sonen Capital's Sustainable Infrastructure webinar is now available for replay. This webinar is based on Sonen's continuing series of Impact Frameworks, which are abbreviated versions of research we develop to guide our investment process and present to clients interested specific impact themes.

Construction Contract Administration


Construction Contract Administration is Essential for the Success of the Project. When construction personnel think of contract administration, it's usually in regard to documentation of daily activities occurring on the project. Often overlooked are those aspects of contract the lend themselves to cause disagreement or develop into disputes. Learn how good contract understanding will help develop and effective and efficient approach to construction project administration.

The Power of Disruption — Surviving the Ever-Changing Real Estate Industry


As an agent, you know the process of buying and selling real estate is broken. Despite the multitude of tools and tech options flooding the RE space, transactions still seem slow and complex. There’s a better way! Loomlogic connects agents, teams, lenders, and TCs from one central hub, allowing you to consolidate processes and positively disrupt the norm. In this webinar, Loomlogic’s visionary founder Alex Tkachuk gives you a sneak-peek ‘under the hood’ of the new Loomlogic platform and discusses solutions to the top 5 threats facing the industry today.