Land Use and the Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive plans along with zoning and development regulations form the bases for land use decisions. Before there can be thoughtful land use decisions there has to be a plan. The implementation of the plan has a direct bearing on the development regulations and the land use decisions in a community. This information will cover the different levels of comprehensive planning, the topics covered in comprehensive plans and most important their implementation and impact on land use decisions. Gain an appreciation for the importance of comprehensive plans as both guides and directives to land use, the relationships among master plans, zoning and development, and why a successful land use practice needs to begin with an understanding of the relevant comprehensive plan or plans.
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Creating an Inclusive Housing Experience for Students with Technology

The expectations of college students are continually evolving. Today’s students expect a personalized experience, self-service tools, and real-time engagement that they can access from any device. How do inclusive student housing options fit into this experience? The goal of student housing is to take care of the student, but are you creating the best experience for all students? Hear from two student housing industry experts on how they support residents with gender-inclusive housing options, roommate matching, emotional support and service animal tracking, and accommodation requests. Student Housing Business is hosting a complimentary webinar on Thursday, April 28th, at 3:00PM EDT/2:00PM CDT, where you can learn how Rochester Institute of Technology and Campus Advantage address inclusive housing, accessibility accommodations and more.
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Construction Management At-Risk Fundamentals


As construction projects become more complex, risk increases for owners, contractors, engineers and architects. The ultimate risks lie in the delivery method, contract and project execution and administration. Owners and contractors still struggle with the best project delivery method and contract. This topic will help stakeholders understand whether CMAR or another method is best for their project. This material explains how CMAR can control and improve cost and schedule as well as allocate and reduce risks; it will also discuss how to avoid potential pitfalls along the way.
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Risk and compliance for commercial property lawyers


A key compliance issue for commercial property practitioners at the moment are the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, or MEES.
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Delta Media Group

Delta Media Group offered a solution to a industry challenge when it comes to non-integration of systems. They launched The Fusion Project, which is a seamless, integrated and automated system for all of your real estate marketing and technology needs. Jonathan Blood stated, "The seamless and efficient operation of a real estate business is critical to it's success." The Fusion Project integrates listing videos, website chat, email marketing, search engine optimization, lead generation, traffic generation, customer reviews, pay per click, social media marketing, and mobile websites. Mike Minard stated, "Any one looking to grow their real estate business must continually look at how to improve their business and marketing systems. These systems should be growing their business while taking less of their time."
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