Leads, Drive and Getting It Done In Real Estate

Jared is a real estate coach and keynote speaker and will share:
– Why some agents will succeed in the challenging industry evolution that lies ahead
– Why mindset, grit, and customer focus overrides everything else in this industry
– The pros and cons of real estate leads
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Creating Value: How to Maximize the Tenant Experience Through Data

Things are different now. As return to office takes shape, the tenant experience will need to change. For operators, the new challenge is how to deliver value in response to the new demand of hybrid work. Is space being used efficiently? Do your amenities fit your tenants’ needs? Are they able to make informed decisions about their space? Find out how the informed use of data can show your tenants that you’re improving their bottom line—and improve yours at the same time. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: evaluate tenant traffic data meet tenants’ changing needs use data to be more competitive in the marketplace futureproof your properties
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Planning in the real estate sector


Real Estate has historically been a very stable and largely predictable sector that has benefited from the extraordinary economic growth that has taken place globally. However, this is about to change as the way we live, shop and work is evolving, new economies are emerging and new technologies are disrupting the status quo. We have proven concepts underpinning our decision-making when dealing with issues such as how we evaluate our assets and how we decide where to allocate our capital, but these are often siloed and take a long time to refine. We are having to make decisions in shorter timescales taking more and more variables into account in order to stay relevant and ahead of our competitors.
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Advanced Real Estate Finance


The Advanced Real Estate Finance course will provide the intermediate to senior level real estate professional with techniques used to analyze, finance and structure real estate transactions. It was designed to provide a decision-making framework that offers attendees an intuitive understanding of real estate finance and investment and provides the ability to analyze a broad range of real estate problems and decisions.
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Corporate Real Estate: Space Utilization and Workplace Sensors, Analytics and AI (Part II)

The challenges facing corporate occupiers have been magnified by the tectonic shift to WFH. So many organizations are still uncertain as to how they’ll manage the complexities of the return to the workplace and how it will impact the organization - from physical space requirements to enhancing productivity to ensuring that occupants are safe, healthy and are actually motivated to return to an office workplace environment. In this series, we explore the technologies required to facilitate and maintain these critical corporate real estate processes. With COVID-19 impacting office density and traffic patterns, building owners and operators are paying close attention to workplace occupancy data analytics from sensors. This session reviews tools and strategies for a data-driven, flexible hybrid workplace design.
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