Leveraging IRC 469 Real Estate Professional Rules for Individual Taxpayers: Avoiding Passive Loss Limitations

This webinar will provide tax advisers with a thorough and practical guide to navigating the real estate professional rules of IRC 469(c)(7). The panel will discuss the general passive loss limitation rules and exceptions for real estate activities, and will detail the material participation standards, grouping rules, and quantitative tests under Section 469(c)(7)(B). The webinar will also provide useful guidance on available aggregation elections to avoid passive loss limitations. An often-crucial aspect of tax planning for individuals with rental real estate is whether their rental activities meet the threshold by which the taxpayer can be classified as a “real estate professional” under the rules of IRC 469. For many individual taxpayers, having rental activities qualify for real estate professional designation can result in significant income tax savings through avoidance of passive loss limitations.
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Check out this synopsis of the past and present Bonaire GA real estate market. Let’s see what the Bonaire GA Real Estate Market in December 2014 was up to! 


How a Newbie Can Start Building Wealth Through Real Estate


Real estate can feel overwhelming when you are first getting started- which is why this webinar is a MUST ATTEND event for any new real estate investor. If you have less than 5 properties… don’t miss this!

2019 REAL ESTATE TRENDS The Best Cities and States For Real Estate in 2019


The Booming US and World Economies, Jobs, Inflation, Unemployment, Consumer Confidence Can they support more growth? What to expect in 2019, and beyond. The Looming Impact of Rising Rates including how many interest rate hikes are likely in 2019 and when the shockwaves will hit real estate the hardest. This is an important consideration for making buy, hold, and sell decisions. The Story of Apartment Trends in 10 Dynamic Charts Why does workforce housing rent growth continue to be far above both the 10 year and the 30 year trend lines, this late in the cycle? Best Cities in the US for Real Estate in 2019 Single Family, Multifamily and New Development. Top picks from Forbes, Realtor.com and Yardi.

Leveraging Real Estate Assets for Not-for-Profits


In order for not-for-profits to best leverage their real estate assets, they must first have a good understanding of their assets, their options, and market conditions. Join CohnReznick, along with Goldstein Hall, Denham Wolf, and Think Forward Financial, for an informative webinar that will provide not-for-profits with practical advice and best practices for leveraging real estate to support their missions, operations, and financial needs.

Construction Project Time Extensions - Get Your Request Approved


Time is money. Every project is delayed at one point or another. Time extension requests are the contractor's opportunity to obtain additional time and, sometimes additional general condition costs, for events that are outside of its control. Often contractors are not equipped to prepare and submit a time extension request that will demonstrate its entitlement to additional time and additional general condition costs. This material will teach you how to prepare a persuasive time extension request, and, more importantly, what to do and include in that request to get it approved. Not only does a request need to meet the contractual requirements imposed by owners, but it also must be a persuasive case for why the contractor is entitled to recover. The best way to do this is to specifically include the following three elements in the request: entitlement, impact, and costs.