Leveraging Real Estate Assets for Not-for-Profits


In order for not-for-profits to best leverage their real estate assets, they must first have a good understanding of their assets, their options, and market conditions. Join CohnReznick, along with Goldstein Hall, Denham Wolf, and Think Forward Financial, for an informative webinar that will provide not-for-profits with practical advice and best practices for leveraging real estate to support their missions, operations, and financial needs.
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If you don't know what to look for in the ideal candidate, your search for a real estate virtual assistant can be challenging. Check out this video to learn what to look for!


Housing Market Forecast Webinar: Q3 2022

Watch the replay of our Q3 Housing Forecast webinar to get the current national housing market forecast from Zonda’s chief economist, Ali Wolf. You’ll also hear regional forecasts for Denver, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City, from our advisors John Covert and Evan Forrest. Take a closer look at market opportunities and challenges to discover the relationship between sales and starts, how buyers are viewing the market, and how our forecasts have shifted in response to new information.
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Real Estate Tax Reform Update

Withum’s Real Estate Services

Year-end means it’s tax planning time and knowing the rules is more important now than ever. The Tax Code underwent groundbreaking reform in 2017 with most of the law becoming applicable in 2018. The Treasury Department has been busy over the summer and fall producing additional guidance on the new sections of the Code.
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Future-Proofing Real Estate Investment – How Industry Leaders are Factoring in Climate Risk

Urban Land Institute

Currently, a substantial amount of real estate assets are located in coastal cities vulnerable to the effects of climate change, from catastrophic events such as hurricanes and flooding, to more gradual changes such as sea level rise or extreme heat. Recent research has shown that the impact of real and perceived risks of climate change are already beginning to be reflected in pricing of residential real estate, and commercial real estate may be next.
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The Impact of ESG on Commercial Real Estate


This webinar explores the connection between ESG factors and Commercial Real Estate. We look at how ESG impacts how assets are evaluated, public REITs and funds are analyzed, as well as the growing market for passive investment vehicles that incorporate ESG.
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