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Walkable communities are becoming the latest trend in real estate. A walkable community is one in which residents can get to grocery stores, shops, schools, work, cafes, and parks by walking, biking or taking public transit. Realtors® need to be aware of how walkable communities may affect their business and the future of real estate.
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In 1955, Edina, Minnesota housewife and mother of three Emma Rovick borrowed $2,000 and bought a struggling real estate firm in order to make enough money to buy a piano for her daughter


Time Management: Systems, Tools, and Disciplines

This session will take you through the journey, decisions, attitude, and daily accountability that leads Ashton towards handling over 100 sides each year individually and guiding his team to over 400. Topics covered include: daily planning and prepping, time accountability, scheduling, lead generation, and establishing boundaries for both work and personal life.

CPM in Construction Management: Preventing and Measuring Delays


This live webinar is designed for project managers, construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, presidents, vice presidents, construction professionals, engineers and architects.

Real Estate & Property Improvement-TDA Webinar

Texas Deer Association

Real Estate & Property Improvement Webinar Hosted By Sheldon Grothaus with Texas Rach Sales and Mark Hubbard with Hubbard Ranch Properties.

New Section 514(c) Fractions Rule Guidance for Exempt Orgs: Avoiding UBTI in Real Estate Partnership Investments


This webinar will provide advisers to tax-exempt organizations with a practical guide to the fractions rule, which governs the tax implications of allocations between tax-exempt partners and taxable partners. The panel will detail recent IRS guidance permitting certain partnership allocations that may have otherwise violated the fractions rule. The webinar will define the specific issues and challenges the fractions rule presents for exempt organizations in designing an investment strategy.