MSCI Netherlands Quarterly Property Index, Q1 2019

The Netherlands real estate market still shows very strong performance, but it’s not immune to the slowdown we see in global markets. Listen to the Q1 2019 results of MSCI Netherlands Quarterly Property Index. In the first part, Maarten Broek, Executive Director, MSCI provides a summary of the drivers of performance in the Netherlands market. In the second part, Will Robson, Global Head of Real Estate Solutions Research, MSCI provides an insight into how the Netherlands compares globally.
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Building Green in the U.S. from the Owner and Contractor Perspective

Dodge Data & Analytics

Dodge’s recently published World Green Building Trends 2018 SmartMarket Report provides a comprehensive look at the level of green building activity, influences on the green building market, business benefits of green and use of green products and services across all players in the construction industry in 19 global markets. This webinar focuses on one slice of that overall study, the responses of owners and contractors in the U.S.
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Affordable Housing: Finance and Development, How to Maximize the Available Resources


Building affordable housing is not particularly affordable. Costs of construction usually far exceed the revenues generated by rents. Without utilizing highly complex financing tools, often from multiple sources, for developing, preserving, and operating affordable apartments, building affordable housing is often impossible. This topic will help you understand how to effectively utilize available financing tools to develop quality housing for low-income residents. The material also explains the myriad of financing tools available for affordable housing and the complex application procedures for these funding sources. This information is essential for anyone involved in the development or operation of affordable housing and will enhance one's understanding of affordable housing financing tools and the benefits and challenges of each.
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Drafting for Real Estate Lawyers

Understand the concepts and organization underlying residential and commercial real estate transaction documents.Residential and commercial real estate transactions are built upon the documents which lay out the terms and conditions for those transactions. In order to be effective, those documents must contain clearly articulated concepts and be organized so the parties to the transactions, and sometimes finders-of-fact (that is, judges and juries), can interpret those documents. It is a best practice if real estate transaction documents are designed and constructed from a proactive risk management perspective, using checklists to ensure the relevant substantive and procedural matters are addressed and not inadvertently dropped. This topic is intended to help real estate professionals such as developers, owners, property managers, engineers, surveyors, contractors, and attorneys understand how to prepare and review real estate documents in a variety of settings such as purchase and sale transactions, leases, development projects, shared ownership/management/cost-sharing arrangements (condominiums, cooperatives, owner associations), and mortgage financings.
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Housing Market Forecast Webinar: Q3 2022

Watch the replay of our Q3 Housing Forecast webinar to get the current national housing market forecast from Zonda’s chief economist, Ali Wolf. You’ll also hear regional forecasts for Denver, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City, from our advisors John Covert and Evan Forrest. Take a closer look at market opportunities and challenges to discover the relationship between sales and starts, how buyers are viewing the market, and how our forecasts have shifted in response to new information.
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