MSCI PREA U.S. Quarterly Property Fund Index

The Index tracks the performance of open-end real estate funds on a quarterly basis, including core and value-add strategies as well as diversified and specialized funds. The MSCI PREA U.S. Property Fund Index is owned, compiled and calculated by MSCI and published in association with PREA.
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Smart Building Data Analytics Operating Real Estate


Most buildings we see today were designed and built at a time when technology was simple and unsophisticated. Fast forward to today and a combination of the Internet, building networks, the cloud and smart connected devices all delivering data to a new breed of data gathering and analysis platforms, allow us to operate assets at a new level of precision. How do I connect devices? What data is important, and how much data is too much? How do I differentiate between all the systems, and which should be integrated? Where do I find the expertise on best practices? This webinar will present insight from industry leaders @ the forefront of the smart building analytics revolution.
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Webcast that will discuss how IWMS technology (Integrated Workplace Management Solution) is critical to proactively managing your facilities and real estate portfolio. Having proactive data-driven insights allows continual optimization of your facility operations to maximize the utilization of your existing space and proactively manage growth and change.
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COVID Strategies For Seniors Housing Operators — Managing Risk For Residents, Staff and Service Providers

To mandate or not to mandate? As seniors housing operators grapple with staffing shortages while prioritizing resident and staff safety, varying strategies have emerged around the national push for COVID vaccinations. How are operators rolling out their COVID protocols as we head into the home stretch of 2021 and the winter flu season? And how are non-staff — including visiting family members and on-site service providers who support operators — being guided?
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How to Make Multifamily Property Listings & Reviews Work for You

Multi-Housing News

As they search online for multifamily housing options, prospective residents will first be exposed to your brand through your business listings and reviews of your properties. With an understanding that first impressions can make or break a business, property managers are increasingly utilizing online reputation management strategies to ensure their listings are easy to find and their reviews truly reflect their brand.
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