Multifamily Real Estate Investing

In this webinar, we discuss the value of investing in multifamily real estate assets, such asapartment complexes.   Gino will share his top 10 reasons to invest in multifamily real estate properties.   You will get to see some case studies of real investments.   Also, Gino will share his breakthrough framework to successfully invest in multifamily properties from start to finish.
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Transformative Innovations from virtual reality to autonomous vehicles offer profound vectors of change and opportunity for all segments of the real estate industry.  Offering a window into the transformations underway across myriad industries and implications for the form,  function, loca


What's New with REITs?

The Real Estate Council (TREC)

As of market close on August 31, 2016, real estate is now the 11th equity sector within the GICS structure. With the removal of real estate from the financials sector, will the market be more volatile? Joe Fisher, co-lead portfolio manager for the Deutsche Real Estate Portfolio, weighs in on the implications for real estate investment.

Webinar: Investing in Sustainable Real Estate

Sonen Capital

This webinar dives into Sonen's latest framework on investing in sustainable real estate.As populations grow, economies develop and urban cores reach capacity, the need increases to expand the supply of environmentally sustainable and socially equitable opportunities within the built environment. The built environment refers to manmade surroundings that provide the setting for human activity, ranging in scale from buildings and parks or green space, to neighborhoods and cities that can often include their supporting infrastructure, such as water supply or energy networks.

How To Use Different Forms of Networking for Commercial Real Estate Lead Generation


There are many ways a commercial real estate broker or leasing agent can generate leads. In Part 3 of this series the topic is networking and how there are so many different ways to accomplish networking that truly generate a pipeline of leads and new business opportunities.

How to Maximize Small Multifamily ROI in 2018: An Investment & Finance Outlook

Multi-Housing News

As the multifamily cycle matures and fundamentals tighten, investors and owners are searching for creative ways to boost ROI. From exploring new growth markets to refinancing with improved loan terms and lower rates, the choices made today will play a critical role in positioning your firm for long-term success. Geared toward owners and operators of communities valued between $1 million and $10 million, this free webinar will expand your arsenal of actionable ways to optimize and expand your multifamily portfolio.