Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Advanta IRA

In this webinar, we discuss the value of investing in multifamily real estate assets, such asapartment complexes.   Gino will share his top 10 reasons to invest in multifamily real estate properties.   You will get to see some case studies of real investments.   Also, Gino will share his breakthrough framework to successfully invest in multifamily properties from start to finish.
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Cushman & Wakefield Vietnam Q.3 2014 Real estate market update & forecast video.Presented by: Jonathan Tizzard - National Head of Research & Valuation.


Contrarian Real Estate Investing: Strategies for Identifying Value in a Market that Seems Fully Priced and Fairly Crowded

National Real Estate Investor

As the queue of capital continues to build and the opportunities for finding yield or creating values continues to dwindle, investors in real assets may consider contrarian, unfashionable, difficult to underwrite or slightly esoteric asset types, investment, markets and positioning strategies. The challenge, of course, is pricing the risk in this approach and understanding where you are getting paid for avoiding the herd mentality and where you are taking long bets with uncertain payoff.
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Commercial Tenant Bankruptcy: Strategies for Landlords


Commercial landlords still coping with past-due rents and soaring vacancies are aggressively seeking ways to protect their financial interests and minimize loss. Meanwhile, distressed tenants are turning to the Bankruptcy Code to safeguard their assets from creditors. The Bankruptcy Code offers protections to both commercial landlords and tenants but raises a number of complex legal issues. Commercial landlords must develop strategies to anticipate and protect against the fallout from tenant bankruptcy.
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Representations and Warranties in Commercial Real Estate Sales Contracts: Buyer and Seller Perspectives

When negotiating and drafting commercial real estate sales contracts, the purchaser and seller must anticipate and mitigate potential risks associated with the deal. Risks may include environmental conditions impacting the property, title and survey issues, zoning concerns, lease and tenant issues, building code violations, and potential condemnation or other proceedings. Skillfully negotiated representations, warranties, and remedies for breaches can protect the buyer, while the seller's objective is to limit the scope and survival of representations and warranties. Listen as our authoritative panel of real estate practitioners provides strategies for buyers' and sellers' counsel negotiating representations and warranties and other key provisions in commercial real estate purchase agreements. The panel will discuss best practices for buyers and sellers to identify and allocate risks when closing a real estate deal.
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Social Media Marketing for Real Estate


Social media marketing, today’s “word-of-mouth,” is a tool that many agents aren’t fully using to their advantage. In this webinar, we reviewed some of the most common social media sites and simple strategies you can employ to grow your business.
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