New Insurance Requirements for AIA Construction Documents

The AIA contract documents are the most widely used form agreements for the procurement of design and construction services in America. Perhaps the most significant change for 2017 was the creation of an Insurance Exhibit. This exhibit offers the parties the opportunity to explore in much greater detail the insurance needs of their project. The Insurance Exhibit also provides a great deal more specificity with regard to required property and general liability insurance. This topic will provide you with an in-depth understanding of how to use the Insurance Exhibit and get the most out of it to best insure a successful project.
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Delta Media Group

Delta Media Group offered a solution to a industry challenge when it comes to non-integration of systems. They launched The Fusion Project, which is a seamless, integrated and automated system for all of your real estate marketing and technology needs. Jonathan Blood stated, "The seamless and efficient operation of a real estate business is critical to it's success." The Fusion Project integrates listing videos, website chat, email marketing, search engine optimization, lead generation, traffic generation, customer reviews, pay per click, social media marketing, and mobile websites. Mike Minard stated, "Any one looking to grow their real estate business must continually look at how to improve their business and marketing systems. These systems should be growing their business while taking less of their time."
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Self-Directed IRA LLC Real Estate Investing

Attorney David Calderon, Esq. and CEO of uDirect IRA Services, Kaaren Hall, will show you how property owners can use an IRA LLC to guard their personal and business assets from unforeseen liabilities and quickly diversify real estate investments. After this one-hour webinar you will nail down exactly how to set up your self directed IRA to invest in property and other assets. Learn all about the IRA LLC as an asset protection tool and whether this strategy is right for you!
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2019 Self-Directed Real Estate Market Report Webinar

Equity Trust Company

Jump-start your real estate investing education for 2019 with exclusive insight into Equity Trust clients’ self-directed real estate investments. Join Equity Trust Sales Manager, John Bowens, for this exclusive on-demand webinar to see newly released data on the types of real estate investments Equity Trust clients are making, where they’re investing, and more.
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Tokenization of Commercial Real Estate: Offering and Trading Property Investments on the Blockchain

The adoption of cryptocurrencies and the emergence of blockchain platforms have made real estate tokenization a potential capital-raising option. With tokenization, ownership interests in real estate assets can be more immediately bought and sold, but tokenization requires a thorough understanding of the technology, the offering process, and the regulatory issues involved. Investors typically invest in real estate through an LLC or limited partnership that owns an underlying property. With tokenization, LLC or LP interests are in the form of tokens that can be traded or used as collateral in smart contracts. The issuer must determine the number and type of tokens and select an exchange platform for trading. The issuer must also decide whether a security is being offered and registration is required. Offering documents may include operating agreements, subscription agreements, and a private placement memorandum. Offerings must also comply with KYC requirements and have appropriate protection of user data. Tokens should have built-in compliance features such as restrictions on transfers and secondary trading. Issuers will also need to determine how distributable cash will be paid (perhaps using stablecoins or other digital currency). Listen as our authoritative panel discusses these and other matters associated with commercial real estate tokenization.
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