New Insurance Requirements for AIA Construction Documents


The AIA contract documents are the most widely used form agreements for the procurement of design and construction services in America. Perhaps the most significant change for 2017 was the creation of an Insurance Exhibit. This exhibit offers the parties the opportunity to explore in much greater detail the insurance needs of their project. The Insurance Exhibit also provides a great deal more specificity with regard to required property and general liability insurance. This topic will provide you with an in-depth understanding of how to use the Insurance Exhibit and get the most out of it to best insure a successful project.
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Spotlight has released its Winter Home Buyer Report, indicating that this winter season won’t see the slow down it has in years past. Check out the helpful infograph below outlining the results of the survey.


Changes on the Horizon for Multifamily Housing Construction Post-COVID-19

Hosted in collaboration with the Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC), tune into this new webinar where a panel of ABC contractors and NMHC member owner/operators provide an overview of the construction industry and multifamily housing market. Leaders from the apartment and construction industries come together to discuss the biggest challenges facing their business and how the two sectors can work collaboratively.
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Technology and the Impact to a Corporate Real Estate Strategy – Innovators Weigh In


There has never been a more challenging time for Corporate Real Estate and Facility professionals. Technology, automation and innovation are redefining how we operate and use space in ways never imagined. Space-as-a-service, space densification, occupant experience platforms, integrated information management, smart buildings and a transformation of the workplace are all topics that are front and center. Add in new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Blockchain and Autonomous and the impacts to Corporate Real Estate and Facilities increase.
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Structuring Complex Easement Agreements in Commercial Real Estate Deals

Reciprocal easement agreements (REAs) are necessary documents to address access rights for adjacent development, shared utility infrastructure, the construction, maintenance, and repair of shared components, and the allocation of costs for such shared components. In recent years, REAs and commercial leases also have presented unique challenges to the repurposing of shopping centers and addressing shared spaces affected by emerging technology, such as parking areas. Our program will provide a framework for the drafting of reciprocal easements. The panel will provide information on relevant provisions to include in reciprocal easements depending upon the context of the project, including allocating development rights and encroachments into air space related to the development of the property. Listen as our authoritative panel of practitioners discusses best practices for drafting and negotiating complex easement agreements. The panel will discuss reciprocal easements in commercial developments such as mixed-used and retail projects, as well as issues involved in restrictions on airspace.
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How Co-Ownership Can Increase Your Client Base

Curious about adding co-ownership offerings into your real estate business? Orlando Ramirez, Director of Industry Relations at Pacaso, joins us to share some surprising insights into how co-ownership can not only increase your buyer pool and inventory but allow agents to work anywhere in the country, earning a commission and equity. The How-Tos We’ll Cover: How to convey why co-ownership is a great solution for second home buyers. How co-ownership can increase your buyer pool and inventory How to re-engage past clients How to work anywhere in the country and earn a commission + equity How to connect with your network and generate more business
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