Price Properties Better with Easy, Accurate CMAs from RPR

You’ll find out how to 
- Apply your local market intelligence to refine this starting point with adjustments
- Subtract value for needed home improvements
- Further adjust a property’s value based on market and home conditions
- Adjust the weight of comps so you can judge which should be considered more
- Lead clients through the intricacies of market realities with easy-to-understand facts and graphics
- Create an RPR Seller’s Report that shows off your market expertise.
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US Capital Trends Webinar

The U.S. commercial real estate market posted a record first quarter for deal activity but conditions for investment have changed rapidly in recent weeks. Accelerating inflation, rising debt costs and recession fears are some of the challenges facing investors. Please join Jim Costello, Chief Economist of MSCI Real Assets, for a discussion on: Record-high property prices under pressure Investment pullback in the second quarter - not all a function of interest rates Changing liquidity and more normal patterns of buyer participation Investors’ continued focus on industrial and apartments despite challenges
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5 Stages of Real Estate Business Growth

Residential Real Estate Council

Many real estate agents get into the sales from a previous job where they were an employee. As a result they often fail to recognize the needs and requirements of running a business and continue to exhibit the behaviors of an employee. In this webinar we will discuss the importance of recognizing a real estate career as a business and not a job. We will then look at the different stages of business growth, what may stop a real estate business from growing, and what bridges must be built to get to the next stage.
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Building Products Insights Webinar Replay

Tune in to the latest building products insights webinar with Todd Tomalak, principal of building products advisory, and Matt Samson, vice president of building products advisory, to dig deeper into the current building products trends and look at our forecast for 2023
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2019 Self-Directed Real Estate Market Report Webinar

Equity Trust Company

Jump-start your real estate investing education for 2019 with exclusive insight into Equity Trust clients’ self-directed real estate investments. Join Equity Trust Sales Manager, John Bowens, for this exclusive on-demand webinar to see newly released data on the types of real estate investments Equity Trust clients are making, where they’re investing, and more.
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