Price Properties Better with Easy, Accurate CMAs from RPR


You’ll find out how to 
- Apply your local market intelligence to refine this starting point with adjustments
- Subtract value for needed home improvements
- Further adjust a property’s value based on market and home conditions
- Adjust the weight of comps so you can judge which should be considered more
- Lead clients through the intricacies of market realities with easy-to-understand facts and graphics
- Create an RPR Seller’s Report that shows off your market expertise.
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Real Estate Asset Management's complexity and impact on portfolio performance have affected businesses and investments. Explore insights to simplify the process.




CICI Bank is holding an informative Webinar on Indian Real Estate Tax Rules and Regulations by our speaker, Mr. Sandeep Shanbhag. Topics to be addressed during the webinar: Real Estate - Taxation of notional income, Rules and regulations for taxation of rental income, Capital Gains Tax - The concept of Cost Inflation Index and Rules for repatriation of real estate sale proceeds.
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Top Technology Trends in Real Estate

Onboard Informatics

Our panelists include the CEO and Founders of such innovative real estate technology companies as HomeSpotter, Relola,, and Pathway Real Estate. See what trends might impact your business during this dynamic discussion.
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Q4 2022 Housing Forecast Webinar Replay

Get the latest housing market forecast information in Zonda’s Q4 Housing Forecast webinar replay. Tune in below to hear a national economic and housing update from Ali Wolf, chief economist. Then take a deep dive into Atlanta’s housing market with Andrew Wilson, principal of advisory. Lastly, take a tour of Nashville, Raleigh, and Charlotte’s housing market stats with Shaun McCutcheon, vice president of advisory. Watch the recording now to learn about regional differences in the housing market and discover new and existing home pricing trends.
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Increase Seniors Housing NOI & Equity Value with IoT Water-Leak Mitigation Technology

Water leaks can significantly impact NOI at seniors housing properties: Toilets are the number one cause of water waste in seniors housing properties, Flood claims are the primary and most costly insurance claims among multi-unit properties.
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