Q4 2016 - State of the Morris County Real Estate Market

Morris County EDC

This video is a discussion regarding the state of the real estate market in Morris County, NJ. This video will give an overview of Morris County projects approved and in the pipeline and demographic trends driving the market. Presentations given by Howard Weinberg of Jones Lang LaSalle, Marc Hays of Stanbery Development, Mike Elms of the The Elms-Dougherty Group, and Christine Marion of the Morris County Department of Planning & Public Works.
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Bloomberg UTV highlights Tata Housing's plans of investing in Sri Lanka.


Real Estate Agent Tax Planning Webinar


Business complexities require an industry specific focus. Patrick delivers an unrivaled depth of knowledge and network, providing an engaging experience relevant to each client’s distinctive needs; helping them to improve operational efficiency, minimize taxes and maximize cash flows and profits.

Distressed Real Estate Loan Acquisitions: Due Diligence Strategies and Contract Considerations


This CLE webinar will provide guidance for real estate counsel on key due diligence issues involved in distressed real estate loan acquisitions. The panel will outline strategies to identify and mitigate risks and liabilities during the deal—and offer best practices for crafting risk mitigation contractual provisions. Acquiring distressed commercial mortgage and mezzanine loans presents a myriad of legal and financial risks for buyers and lenders. Because distressed loan acquisitions often occur in a compressed time frame, shortcuts taken during due diligence could lead to grave mistakes.

Avoiding Title Claims in Your Real Estate Practice

Legal Education

Despite best intentions and practices, title claims are at times unavoidable. On other occasions, title claims are the result of negligence, unfamiliarity with a subject matter, or just plain fraud. This webinar will focus on the relationships between the closing agent, insured, underwriter and retained counsel, the most common types of claims and how they may be avoided, as well as an examination of the red flags of fraud most commonly seen by title insurance underwriters.

Breakout of Traditional Real Estate Investing with Options

Advanta IRA

Advanta IRA welcomes Pete Fortunato as the keynote speaker for this quick overview of his second only Options Course. Pete will touch on minimizing risk and liability using options and how options can be used as currency.