Real Estate Crowdfunding Due Diligence

Gain a better understanding of current issues associated with crowdfunding in real estate.Due to the passage of the JOBS Act of 2012, the landscape for capital raising has changed dramatically, creating new and exciting opportunities for real estate operators and funds to publicly solicit for investment through the internet and traditional media. This new process is known as investment crowdfunding and during this topic we will explore its possibilities, as well as consequences particularly from corporate governance, investor relations, and banking perspectives.
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Global Real Estate – The Green Building Adoption Index

Meeting of the Minds

In the face of growing concerns about the impact of the built environment on the environment, the commercial real estate industry is facing increasing pressure to adopt and demonstrate better energy and sustainability practices. In the absence of other measurements, EPA Energy Star and USGBC LEED programs have gained considerable traction.

Conservation Easement Transactions from A to Z


This live webinar is designed for attorneys, accountants, CPAs, business owners and managers, presidents, vice presidents, financial and estate planners, bankers and trust officers.


MSCI Inc real estate

The IPD Global Quarterly Property Fund Index for Q3 2015 shows an acceleration of performance to 3.3% in the quarter to September 2015, the strongest since March 2011. This brings the 12 month return to 13.4%, well-ahead of bonds, equities and real estate equities.

10 Tips for Real Estate Research Efficiency

LexisNexis Business Insight Solutions

As a Real Estate professional, you know that having information is crucial to growing your business. Stop wasting your time with open web and unreliable data sources.