Real Estate Investing With Retirement Funds

Real estate investing is a great way to diversify your portfolio, and it can get even better when your capital gains can grow tax-free. In this webinar, Chris Palmisano, Rocket Dollar COO/CRO and angel investors sat down with Matt Silk, real estate investor and fund manager, to discuss real estate investing in Austin. They dig into expected returns and why they expect the Austin market to be profitable in the coming years. Matt also shares his experience as a Rocket Dollar customer and how he uses his Self-Directed account to invest.
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Technology and the Impact to a Corporate Real Estate Strategy – Innovators Weigh In


There has never been a more challenging time for Corporate Real Estate and Facility professionals. Technology, automation and innovation are redefining how we operate and use space in ways never imagined. Space-as-a-service, space densification, occupant experience platforms, integrated information management, smart buildings and a transformation of the workplace are all topics that are front and center. Add in new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Blockchain and Autonomous and the impacts to Corporate Real Estate and Facilities increase.
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Opportunity Zone Deals, Separating Facts From Fiction


Opportunity Zone Deals, Separating Facts From Fiction: An Interactive Discussion with Thought Leaders in the Opportunity Zone World, discussing the real estate, tax, and fund structuring considerations to get deals funded and closed in today’s marketplace.
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Realvolve Webinar: Realvolve's Tech Startup Lessons for Real Estate


In this session, Dale Warner, COO of Realvolve, takes you through some of the hallmark SaaS strategies that Real Estate Professionals can apply to their own businesses to drive revenue, increase efficiency, and better manage their relationships with a real estate CRM.
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Home Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Residential Real Estate Council

Learn the most common issues and concerns first-time home buyers have when moving into a home. Jay will also demonstrate key home maintenance tips that will help your clients during their first year of owning a home. Plus, get some generational selling insights into what Millennials are looking for, how to speak their language and make them feel comfortable during one of the biggest steps they will take in their lives. This webinar recording will help you learn how to be a better trusted advisor to your first-time home buyer clients and guide them through the process.
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