Real Wealth 101: The Essentials of Real Estate Investing

RealWealth Network

Hosted by two of our knowledgable and experienced Investment Counselors, you’ll learn:
- How To Find The Best Strategy & Market for YOU
- Top Tips for New Investors
- Steps To Start Building Your Portfolio
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Letters of Credit in Real Estate Finance and Lease Transactions: ISP98 Forms, UCC Article 5, Draw Procedures

Under a letter of credit, a financial institution agrees to honor a demand for payment made by a beneficiary at an applicant's request. LCs are used in various real estate transactions: to support an underlying performance obligation such as construction, or instead of cash when, for example, an escrow is required under a mortgage loan or a security deposit is required under a lease. There are two types of LCs--commercial and standby--both follow specific rules, forms, and procedures dictated by the UCC, ISP98, or UCP. Counsel must draft and review LCs compliant with these rules and procedures and know the roles of the applicant, issuer, and beneficiary in issuing and drawing upon LCs. Counsel should also understand the different uses for LCs and how to tailor LCs to each transaction, including expiry dates and "evergreen" clauses, whether the LC should be transferable or not transferable, and whether single or multiple draws will be permitted. Listen as Buddy Baker, Vice President at Investment Banking Division, Goldman Sachs Bank USA discusses negotiating and drafting the critical terms in LCs and provides guidance through the annotated ISP98 forms. The panel will highlight using LCs in various real estate transactions and issues in making draws on LCs. The panel will also discuss alternative credit enhancements such as surety bonds and credit insurance and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
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Leads, Drive and Getting It Done In Real Estate

Realvolve, Inc

Jared is a real estate coach and keynote speaker and will share: – Why some agents will succeed in the challenging industry evolution that lies ahead – Why mindset, grit, and customer focus overrides everything else in this industry – The pros and cons of real estate leads
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Kathy Fettke's 2019 Real Estate Market Predictions

Real Wealth Network, LLC

In this webinar you’ll learn: - Best performing real estate markets for buy & hold rental property in 2019 - Where rents are rising the fastest - How rising interests rates will affect your 2019 investment
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Diamond in the Rough Transitioning Land for Development

REALTORS Land Institute

Do you know the largest transitional land project ever undertaken? Want to see some of the neatest transitional land properties RLI Members have conducted? Ready to be inspired and learn to think outside the box? Transitional land opportunities exist everywhere, from large metropolitan areas to small regional cities.
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