This webinar focuses specifically on the disclosures and statements required in connection with mortgage loan transactions.
Topics discussed will include:
- Application disclosures specific to home equity lines of credit (HELOCs)
- Periodic statement requirements for HELOCs
- Properly disclosing a closed-end mortgage loan including the Loan Estimate
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Insurance and Indemnity Provisions in Commercial Real Estate Contracts: PSAs, Leases, and Construction Contracts

The allocation of risk accomplished by indemnification agreements is often a hotly negotiated term of real estate contracts and leases and, when not negotiated, frequently are not in compliance with applicable state indemnification laws or do not reflect the basis axim that liability should follow control. Unbalanced indemnification provisions frequently arise from unbalanced negotiating positions. This panel will address the nuts and bolts of indemnification agreements and insurance contracts, analyzing how indemnification agreements require one party (the indemnitor), bear the risk of claims against the other party (the indemnitee) for loss and damages claimed by a third party. The role of insurance in providing a source of funds for indemnification obligations will be addressed. Indemnification and insurance provisions are standard requirements of PSAs, leases, and construction contracts. Standalone indemnity agreements are also frequently employed to balance the rights of a counterparty with its obligations. Informed counsel must recognize how to protect client interests by deftly structuring indemnification provisions, taking into account state law and respective risks and control in careful drafting. Listen as our authoritative panel discusses current trends and practical strategies in negotiating these provisions, as well as the advanced arguments made by the parties to these instruments.
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How to Maximize Small Multifamily ROI in 2018: An Investment & Finance Outlook

Multi-Housing News

As the multifamily cycle matures and fundamentals tighten, investors and owners are searching for creative ways to boost ROI. From exploring new growth markets to refinancing with improved loan terms and lower rates, the choices made today will play a critical role in positioning your firm for long-term success. Geared toward owners and operators of communities valued between $1 million and $10 million, this free webinar will expand your arsenal of actionable ways to optimize and expand your multifamily portfolio.
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Commercial Leases: Structuring Tenant Build-Out, Improvement, Maintenance, and Repair Provisions

Some of the most overlooked but potentially costly lease provisions address pre-leasing improvements, build-out, repair, and maintenance issues. Provisions regarding the build-out of premises must address cost issues, completion dates and delays, warranties, and defects. Maintenance and repair provisions address critical issues of reasonable repair period, rent abatement, lease termination, waivers of tenant rights, breach of implied warranty of suitability, and tenant self-help remedies. Parties must also address obligations to restore property after a casualty loss. Listen as our authoritative panel of commercial real estate practitioners discusses drafting and negotiating lease provisions regarding pre-commencement improvement, build-out, and functional maintenance and repair, as well as indemnification provisions to allocate risk.
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Representations and Warranties in Commercial Real Estate Sales Contracts: Buyer and Seller Perspectives

When negotiating and drafting commercial real estate sales contracts, the purchaser and seller must anticipate and mitigate potential risks associated with the deal. Risks may include environmental conditions impacting the property, title and survey issues, zoning concerns, lease and tenant issues, building code violations, and potential condemnation or other proceedings. Skillfully negotiated representations, warranties, and remedies for breaches can protect the buyer, while the seller's objective is to limit the scope and survival of representations and warranties. Listen as our authoritative panel of real estate practitioners provides strategies for buyers' and sellers' counsel negotiating representations and warranties and other key provisions in commercial real estate purchase agreements. The panel will discuss best practices for buyers and sellers to identify and allocate risks when closing a real estate deal.
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