Seniors Housing Valuation Outlook — Fundamental Marketplace Drivers in Today’s Environment

Extraordinarily tight labor markets causing staffing shortages and the recent dominance of the delta variant make it a less-than-sure bet the seniors housing industry reverts to pre-pandemic vigor by the close of 2021. Still, there’s sun on the horizon — 31 NIC MAP Primary Markets reported an increase in occupancy over the second quarter—and many industry observers feel bullish about the seniors housing industry’s long-term health.
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Commercial Leases: Structuring Tenant Build-Out, Improvement, Maintenance, and Repair Provisions

Some of the most overlooked but potentially costly lease provisions address pre-leasing improvements, build-out, repair, and maintenance issues. Provisions regarding the build-out of premises must address cost issues, completion dates and delays, warranties, and defects. Maintenance and repair provisions address critical issues of reasonable repair period, rent abatement, lease termination, waivers of tenant rights, breach of implied warranty of suitability, and tenant self-help remedies. Parties must also address obligations to restore property after a casualty loss. Listen as our authoritative panel of commercial real estate practitioners discusses drafting and negotiating lease provisions regarding pre-commencement improvement, build-out, and functional maintenance and repair, as well as indemnification provisions to allocate risk.
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Curing Title Defects Under the 2021 Revised ALTA Owners and Loan Policies: Identifying and Resolving Common Defects

The goal of every real estate deal attorney is to ensure a timely and smooth closing of the transaction. Title defects are just one of the many hurdles that transaction attorneys must clear, and the newly revised ALTA policies can impact the ability to address those issues. While many risks can create an encumbrance on a title, some of the common title defects that face real estate practitioners are defects due to liens and judgments, the rights of third parties, and breaks in the chain of title. The new endorsements and addenda can create opportunities and obstructions to resolving those defects. Armed with the knowledge of curing these common title defects and the changes made to the ALTA policies, practitioners can ensure that they close commercial transactions on time and with little surprises. Listen as our authoritative panel of real estate practitioners discusses the revised ALTA policies, the best practices for curing title defects arising from judgments and liens, defects arising from the rights of third parties, and defects caused by breaks in the chain of title.
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How to Find Heavily Discounted Investment Property

The 60-minute webinar will include how to: Search and analyse hundreds of heavily discounted investment properties Find properties listed at 20-40% below the suburb median price Instantly assess the estimated value of the deal, so you can see if there is an equity gap between market value and purchase price Target motivated vendors who want their property sold quickly Instantly filter property listings by discounted sale or distressed property terms Create 10-year cash flow and equity forecasts before committing to a deal
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Real Estate Investment and Capital Markets


Real Estate Investment and Capital Markets examines at an intermediate to senior level the intersection of real estate space markets and real estate capital markets by exploring in depth the Four Quadrants of Real Estate Finance: (1) private debt, (2) public debt, (3) private equity, and (4) public equity, and their application to real estate space markets, as well as exploring derivative markets that involve real estate.
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