SEO for Real Estate 4 Proven Tactics Anyone Can Use

In this webinar, we look at four proven SEO tactics that real estate agents and mortgage professionals can use to help improve their search engine rankings. SEO can be a confusing topic, but there are a few things we KNOW can have a positive impact on your ranking, and that you can actually accomplish without technical knowledge
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Marketing for the Moments That Matter Most to Apartment Shoppers

Multifamily Insiders

Giving your prospects the right message at the right time is critical at each phase of the apartment shopping process. In this session, we’ll get inside the mind of the typical apartment shopper and give you tactics for addressing them across multiple devices.

Cash Management Structures, Waterfall Provisions and Reserves in Commercial Real Estate Finance Transactions


In the immediate aftermath of the credit crisis, borrowers experienced the tightening of cash management arrangements in real estate loans, particularly for those loans intended to be securitized. As the commercial real estate market is improving, are borrowers starting to see more borrower-friendly cash management structures? Terms and conditions of cash management systems are often very heavily negotiated. Lenders seek to ensure that debt service, property expenses and reserves are paid prior to funds being dispersed to the borrower. Hard lockboxes offer the most protection to the lender. Borrowers, on the other hand, want the most control over the revenues that flow from the property. Springing lockboxes allow the borrower more control over rents or revenues since they require the use of a deposit account only upon occurrence of a specified triggering event, such as loan default.

Construction Management At-Risk Fundamentals


As construction projects become more complex, risk increases for owners, contractors, engineers and architects. The ultimate risks lie in the delivery method, contract and project execution and administration. Owners and contractors still struggle with the best project delivery method and contract. This topic will help stakeholders understand whether CMAR or another method is best for their project. This material explains how CMAR can control and improve cost and schedule as well as allocate and reduce risks; it will also discuss how to avoid potential pitfalls along the way.

Hotel Franchise Agreements and Comfort Letters: Legal Challenges for Real Estate Lenders


This CLE webinar will enable lender’s counsel to review and negotiate hotel franchise comfort letters. The panel will also review standard features of hotel franchise agreements and the provisions of most concern to lenders.