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Social Media is where prospects go to find you and learn more about you and your offer. In fact they are more likely to form an opinion about you based on your Social Media presence or lack of than your first face to face interaction. Mark Leidlen and Rob Wellman work with real estate investors and professionals to establish a social media presence. This marketing strategy helps create credibility and builds trust through regular informative posts to keep your network informed.
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Commercial real estate (CRE) companies are implementing
highly sophisticated technology solutions referred to as
intelligent buildings. While these solutions offer many
benefits, systems can be vulnerable to cyberattacks.


Risk and compliance for commercial property lawyers


A key compliance issue for commercial property practitioners at the moment are the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, or MEES.
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Seniors Housing Valuation Outlook — What’s Next Now That the Pandemic End is in Sight?

Even with nearly all seniors housing residents having been vaccinated and there being an end to the pandemic in sight, occupancy rates are still at record lows and the industry hasn’t yet bounced back. What does this mean for seniors housing valuations? Will there be a clear turning point in 2021 signaling the industry’s pivot to its pre-pandemic vigor? Or will the rebound be more gradual?
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Structuring Landlord Lien Waivers and Collateral Access Agreements

In construction loans, the lender advances a small portion (or none) of the loan at closing since the proceeds are intended to fund construction costs as incurred. The conditions for advancing funds are often complicated because there are three participants--the lender, the borrower, and the contractor--and in part, because actual costs may vary from the construction budget. Most construction loan agreements provide for shifting cost savings for one item to another item in the budget. Construction budgets will usually incorporate "contingency" to be applied by the borrower to pay for cost overruns for items in the budget, subject to certain conditions. Documents must provide for retainage for unforeseen costs to ensure the completion of the project. A construction loan is unique for title insurance because disbursements are made post-closing, and property increases in value with each disbursement. Title insurance must be in place to cover the loan amount as it is funded. Counsel to the lender must structure the loan to ensure the priority of advances and procure title insurance (including appropriate endorsements at closing) consistent with that priority. Also, the borrower will typically need to obtain lien waivers or lien subordination as disbursements are made. Listen as our authoritative panel discusses the construction loan funding process and the need for increasing title insurance coverage as funds are disbursed. The panel will discuss budgeting and construction draw provisions in loan agreements, future advance clauses, and other practices for preserving the senior position of the mortgage over mechanic's liens and the title endorsements to obtain at closing.
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Commercial Real Estate and Investment Property Under the New Tax Bill

Make the most of your fixed assets and understand the crucial provisions and implications of the TCJA.In today's opportunity-rich real estate market, investors want to ensure that they are making the most of their fixed assets. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has revitalized interest in depreciation strategies new and old, while expanding tax savings opportunities like never before. This material will review the crucial CRE-related provisions of the TCJA and will address their implications. Topics will include bonus depreciation, qualified improvement property, interest deduction limitation, Section 179 expensing, and more. Useful graphic tools related to each concept will be provided. Finally, the tangible property regulations will be reviewed, with a focus on their use in tandem with the TCJA.
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