Structuring Complex Easement Agreements in Commercial Real Estate Deals

Commercial Real Estate Deals
Reciprocal easement agreements (REAs) are necessary documents to address access rights for adjacent development, shared utility infrastructure, the construction, maintenance, and repair of shared components, and the allocation of costs for such shared components. In recent years, REAs and commercial leases also have presented unique challenges to the repurposing of shopping centers and addressing shared spaces affected by emerging technology, such as parking areas.

Our program will provide a framework for the drafting of reciprocal easements. The panel will provide information on relevant provisions to include in reciprocal easements depending upon the context of the project, including allocating development rights and encroachments into air space related to the development of the property.

Listen as our authoritative panel of practitioners discusses best practices for drafting and negotiating complex easement agreements. The panel will discuss reciprocal easements in commercial developments such as mixed-used and retail projects, as well as issues involved in restrictions on airspace.
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Float Ownership Issues in Construction Project Management


Time is one of the critical components to completing a successful construction project. Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling has long been a key process in managing time on a project. A byproduct of the CPM scheduling process is float, an often debated topic, particularly who has the right to use or control the float - who owns the float. The focus of this material will be on float ownership. A brief overview of CPM scheduling will be provided, including a more detailed explanation of what float is and how it is calculated. Various possibilities for the ownership of float will be presented and discussed. Actual contract provisions relating to float ownership will be presented and reviewed. The opinions of the courts from several cases involving the question of float will be provided and discussed. In conclusion, you will have a better understanding of what float is and its place in CPM scheduling.
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Commercial property yearly round-up


In this webinar, our commercial property experts will provide you with an overview of all the developments in the field in 2018.
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Growing Your Brand with a Real Estate CRM

IXACT Contact Solutions Inc

RE Technology and IXACT Contact joined forces again to bring you a webinar on “Growing Your Brand with a Real Estate CRM.” IXACT Contact is a next-generation real estate CRM that can grow your unique brand in more proven ways than you could have ever imagined!
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Preserving and Recapitalizing Low Income Housing Tax Credit and Affordable Housing

Hunt Mortgage Group

“Preserving and Recapitalizing Low Income Housing Tax Credit and Affordable Housing.” Topics covered include Low Income Housing Tax Credit housing coming to the end of the compliance period, housing produced under retired Federal housing production programs, and older properties that are in dire need of recapitalization. Obtaining equity and debt financing, exiting and reconfiguring partnerships, and staying competitive in marketplaces, are discussed. Bonus Q&A session at the end addresses questions from the audience.
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