Structuring Ground Leases and Leasehold Mortgages: Balancing Competing Interests Among Owners, Lessees, and Lenders

Leasehold Mortgages
A ground lease can be an attractive method to develop commercial property. However, the tenant/developer's ability to obtain financing is crucial to a development's success using a ground lease.

Counsel must consider the potential lender's interests in the negotiation of a ground lease between the landlord and tenant. Counsel's primary task is to balance all the competing interests concerning each key provision, such as subordination, right to cure, and consent.

A lender's lien on a financeable ground lease is secured by a leasehold mortgage drafted to address the lender's and borrower/tenant's interests during the term of the lease and in the event of foreclosure.

Listen as our authoritative panel of real estate attorneys discusses how to balance the competing interests of the owner, lessee, and lender to create a financeable ground lease.
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Green Solutions for Apartment and Condo Communities

Join us for this webinar on green building and sustainability hosted by Drexel University. It will feature highlights on urban green energy initiatives from two top practitioners: Jeffrey Beard, Associate Clinical Professor, Engineering Leadership and Society with Drexel University and former President/CEO of Design-Build Institute of America, along with Matt Stern, Senior Director, Commercial Programs with the Philadelphia Energy Authority.
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Introducing Our Real Estate Investor


LendingOne is pleased to be hosting a series of real estate investor webinars designed to help real estate investors grow their business portfolios. We will be providing tips, strategies, and information on the housing market so you can expand your investing knowledge and ultimately grow your businesses. These free online seminars will feature subject matter experts from across the industry as presenters who will share their real estate backgrounds and housing market specializations to offer insight and advice for all investors.
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Inflation and Rising Interest Rates – Doom or Boom for the Seniors Housing Industry?

In the current economic environment, increasing interest rates and inflation are impacting investment, development and financing in the seniors housing sector. What impact, if any, will rising interest rates and inflation have on seniors housing valuation over the short and long term? Tune in to Seniors Housing Business’ May 12th valuation-themed webinar, the first in a series of three 2022 webinars examining the industry’s investment outlook. Valuation & Information Group is sponsoring the webinar series. This first webinar, “Inflation and Rising Interest Rates – Doom or Boom for the Seniors Housing Industry?”
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Increase Seniors Housing NOI & Equity Value with IoT Water-Leak Mitigation Technology

Water leaks can significantly impact NOI at seniors housing properties: Toilets are the number one cause of water waste in seniors housing properties, Flood claims are the primary and most costly insurance claims among multi-unit properties.
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