The Business Case for Construction Standards


The push for standardisation is revolutionising certain sectors of the global construction industry, particularly in the US and Sweden. Join Building Magazine and Bluebeam and learn what benefits the UK can attain by adopting a set of universal construction standards, and why PDF is quickly becoming the ideal platform for documenting build information.
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Real estate investment requires strategic asset allocation to maximize returns. Learning the asset allocation process helps improve portfolio performance.


Multifamily Market Update Webinar: August 2022

See the latest multifamily housing data from our recent Multifamily Market Update webinar. Zonda’s Managing Principal, Kimberly Byrum, presents her analysis of current market conditions and shares national and regional updates. Watch the webinar recording below to learn more.
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Representations and Warranties in Commercial Real Estate Sales Contracts: Buyer and Seller Perspectives

When negotiating and drafting commercial real estate sales contracts, the purchaser and seller must anticipate and mitigate potential risks associated with the deal. Risks may include environmental conditions impacting the property, title and survey issues, zoning concerns, lease and tenant issues, building code violations, and potential condemnation or other proceedings. Skillfully negotiated representations, warranties, and remedies for breaches can protect the buyer, while the seller's objective is to limit the scope and survival of representations and warranties. Listen as our authoritative panel of real estate practitioners provides strategies for buyers' and sellers' counsel negotiating representations and warranties and other key provisions in commercial real estate purchase agreements. The panel will discuss best practices for buyers and sellers to identify and allocate risks when closing a real estate deal.
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Build-To-Rent – What is it and how can you profit

As an investor, taking advantage of diverse sectors is crucial to your success. In my next webinar I’m covering groundbreaking, never-before-covered content on an overlooked but booming sector that’s changing the U.S. real estate market.
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Real Estate Operating Expenses From a Lease Compliance Professional


What you don't know will hurt you. Many landlords, tenants, brokers and attorneys think they understand all the nuances of Operating Expenses (OpEx). But even an advanced degree does not keep you from the dangers of not knowing what the pitfalls really are when dealing with OpEx. This material will not only give you a working knowledge of the basic concepts concerning Operating Expenses, it will also give insights into protective language to include your lease agreements based upon my 30+ years of practical experience, both from the landlord and tenant side. This is one topic that will cost you and your firm money if you don't learn this information.
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