The Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Bankruptcy

Understand the key steps in the bankruptcy process and how they affect the various parties related to commercial real estate. Bankruptcy cases involving commercial real estate present a multitude of problems. Depending on the party and its relation to the real estate, significant differences in concerns, legal issues and strategies come into play. Knowing the bankruptcy process, certain key provisions of the Bankruptcy Code applicable to commercial real estate, and what to expect in a bankruptcy case involving such real estate are vital in evaluating the best path. Owners of commercial real estate, tenants of commercial real estate, and mortgagees on such properties must each understand their respective positions, claims, and rights in a bankruptcy case. Knowledge of these issues in advance of a bankruptcy filing can greatly enhance preparation and expectations for counsel and their clients if and when a bankruptcy is filed.
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Advanced Real Estate Finance


The Advanced Real Estate Finance course will provide the intermediate to senior level real estate professional with techniques used to analyze, finance and structure real estate transactions. It was designed to provide a decision-making framework that offers attendees an intuitive understanding of real estate finance and investment and provides the ability to analyze a broad range of real estate problems and decisions.
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Growing Your Brand with a Real Estate CRM

IXACT Contact Solutions Inc

RE Technology and IXACT Contact joined forces again to bring you a webinar on “Growing Your Brand with a Real Estate CRM.” IXACT Contact is a next-generation real estate CRM that can grow your unique brand in more proven ways than you could have ever imagined!
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Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act


Housing issues are one of the topics that concern a great number of people across the country, and one of most often talked about issues within state governments across the country. The Uniform Law Commission is an organization that provides states with non-partisan, well-drafted model legislation meant to bring clarity and stability to critical areas of state statutory law. URLTA focuses on the rights and duties of residential landlords and tenants. This material will discuss the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, the history of the Act, and recent changes to the Act, as well as cover what states have adopted the act.
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Q4 2016 - State of the Morris County Real Estate Market

Morris County EDC

This video is a discussion regarding the state of the real estate market in Morris County, NJ. This video will give an overview of Morris County projects approved and in the pipeline and demographic trends driving the market. Presentations given by Howard Weinberg of Jones Lang LaSalle, Marc Hays of Stanbery Development, Mike Elms of the The Elms-Dougherty Group, and Christine Marion of the Morris County Department of Planning & Public Works.
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