The Housing Bubble's Impact on Homeowners, Renters and Investors


Whether it’s the start of a housing bubble or a paradigm shift, the real estate market is in flux and the impact is certain to be widespread, affecting not just homeowners but renters and real estate investors too. Watch this webinar to get the facts behind the hype and prepare for the dramatic changes ahead.
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Real estate investment requires strategic asset allocation to maximize returns. Learning the asset allocation process helps improve portfolio performance.


Rethinking Seniors Housing Resident Engagement — Technology That Improves Staff Efficiencies While Enhancing the Resident Experience

Why is resident engagement vital within seniors housing communities? How has resident engagement changed during COVID? How can operators create a better living experience for residents, while also creating staff and operational efficiencies?Tune in for an upcoming discussion to understand how new technology can improve the quality of life for seniors while reducing operator costs.
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MSCI PREA U.S. Quarterly Property Fund Index


The Index tracks the performance of open-end real estate funds on a quarterly basis, including core and value-add strategies as well as diversified and specialized funds. The MSCI PREA U.S. Property Fund Index is owned, compiled and calculated by MSCI and published in association with PREA.
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Insurance and Indemnity Provisions in Commercial Real Estate Contracts: PSAs, Leases, and Construction Contracts

The allocation of risk accomplished by indemnification agreements is often a hotly negotiated term of real estate contracts and leases and, when not negotiated, frequently are not in compliance with applicable state indemnification laws or do not reflect the basis axim that liability should follow control. Unbalanced indemnification provisions frequently arise from unbalanced negotiating positions. This panel will address the nuts and bolts of indemnification agreements and insurance contracts, analyzing how indemnification agreements require one party (the indemnitor), bear the risk of claims against the other party (the indemnitee) for loss and damages claimed by a third party. The role of insurance in providing a source of funds for indemnification obligations will be addressed. Indemnification and insurance provisions are standard requirements of PSAs, leases, and construction contracts. Standalone indemnity agreements are also frequently employed to balance the rights of a counterparty with its obligations. Informed counsel must recognize how to protect client interests by deftly structuring indemnification provisions, taking into account state law and respective risks and control in careful drafting. Listen as our authoritative panel discusses current trends and practical strategies in negotiating these provisions, as well as the advanced arguments made by the parties to these instruments.
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History of Housing: Repairing the Effects of Redlining

Whether you know it or not, anyone who works in the housing industry is likely impacted by the historical practice of redlining. Redlining is the discriminatory and systemic denial of services to those residing in communities associated with a certain racial or ethnic group. By hindering the economic development in neighborhoods populated by ethnic minorities, redlined areas become underdeveloped and undervalued while their residents become poorer.
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