The Impact of ESG on Commercial Real Estate


This webinar explores the connection between ESG factors and Commercial Real Estate. We look at how ESG impacts how assets are evaluated, public REITs and funds are analyzed, as well as the growing market for passive investment vehicles that incorporate ESG.
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Land Use and the Comprehensive Plan


Comprehensive plans along with zoning and development regulations form the bases for land use decisions. Before there can be thoughtful land use decisions there has to be a plan. The implementation of the plan has a direct bearing on the development regulations and the land use decisions in a community. This information will cover the different levels of comprehensive planning, the topics covered in comprehensive plans and most important their implementation and impact on land use decisions. Gain an appreciation for the importance of comprehensive plans as both guides and directives to land use, the relationships among master plans, zoning and development, and why a successful land use practice needs to begin with an understanding of the relevant comprehensive plan or plans.
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Investing in Commercial Propert


Before taking the plunge into commercial real estate investing, one should have a clear understanding of how to select the right location, preferred type and class of property, what due diligence to do, how to secure financing, how to negotiate a deal, and how to manage the property going forward as a commercial landlord. This Financial Poise panel explains the process from looking for the investment, to contract, to closing, and beyond.
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Morningstar Equity research ESG Risk Integration

In this Morningstar Institutional Equity Series webinar, our speakers explain the increased usage and prevalence of ESG, its benefits in the current market landscape and the value it will add to PitchBook public company profiles. Key takeaways Companies with greater ESG risk are less likely to receive wide economic moats, while also being prone to greater uncertainty ratings At present, our most overvalued companies—1-star stocks—carry considerably lower total ESG risk versus other star-rating cohorts, suggesting investors may be paying a high price to own firms with positive ESG credentials We view the greatest ESG risk in the energy and utilities sectors, and the lowest in technology and real estate
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Diamond in the Rough Transitioning Land for Development

REALTORS Land Institute

Do you know the largest transitional land project ever undertaken? Want to see some of the neatest transitional land properties RLI Members have conducted? Ready to be inspired and learn to think outside the box? Transitional land opportunities exist everywhere, from large metropolitan areas to small regional cities.
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