Think You Know Fair Housing? Guess Again!

Multifamily Insiders

There are many changes brewing in fair housing; not necessarily federal laws but at state and city levels.  Once the changes start, they seem to roll UPHILL.  Who knows, you may experience a couple of additional protected classes added in your area, and even by the Feds!  Don’t miss the latest Fair Housing news.
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Savills Studley is the leading commercial real estate services firm specializing in tenant representation.  Founded in 1954


What Specialty Contractors Want You to Know About Procore


No matter what your specialty is, Procore was built for specialty contractors who need an easy way to keep their teams safe, on schedule, and on budget. But you don't have to take our word for it.
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Workers' Compensation Issues for the Construction Industry


The goal of this topic is to provide an overview of Workers' Compensation systems, with a particular emphasis on their impact on the construction industry. The material will address the basis of these systems, the classification of employees, and the calculation of insurance premiums. It will also outline issues that often arise following a work injury on a construction site, and strategies to both reduce these injuries and effectively address them after their occurrence. The topic will assist those in the industry with reducing premium costs, benefit exposure, and helping ensure the safety of their employees.
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Diamond in the Rough Transitioning Land for Development

REALTORS Land Institute

Do you know the largest transitional land project ever undertaken? Want to see some of the neatest transitional land properties RLI Members have conducted? Ready to be inspired and learn to think outside the box? Transitional land opportunities exist everywhere, from large metropolitan areas to small regional cities.
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LandVision Commercial Land Webinar: Quickly Find & Evaluate Property Opportunities

Digital Map Products

In this live product demo webinar, we illustrate how commercial real estate land professionals can use Digital Map Products' LandVision mapping solution to find, evaluate and capitalize on land and property opportunities.
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