Think You Know Fair Housing? Guess Again!

Multifamily Insiders

There are many changes brewing in fair housing; not necessarily federal laws but at state and city levels.  Once the changes start, they seem to roll UPHILL.  Who knows, you may experience a couple of additional protected classes added in your area, and even by the Feds!  Don’t miss the latest Fair Housing news.
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Group notes by buyer name in a buyer notebook and keep qualification notes, consultation notes, property tour notes, negotiation notes and transaction notes, as well as all associated documents in one place.


Fair Housing Act Update


Stay up-to-date with the current issues regarding the Fair Housing Act. Multifamily owners and managers are required to comply with a wide spectrum of requirements under the FHA and ADA. In turn, there have been a number of lawsuits brought by the United States, advocacy groups and individuals with disabilities challenging the manner in which the needs of disabled residents are met. This topic will give an overview of the major issues of FHA and ADA compliance with a focus on hot topics and trends in lawsuits.

5 Stages of Real Estate Business Growth

Residential Real Estate Council

Many real estate agents get into the sales from a previous job where they were an employee. As a result they often fail to recognize the needs and requirements of running a business and continue to exhibit the behaviors of an employee. In this webinar we will discuss the importance of recognizing a real estate career as a business and not a job. We will then look at the different stages of business growth, what may stop a real estate business from growing, and what bridges must be built to get to the next stage.

Benchmarking a non-listed real estate portfolio and the use of the INREV index

INREV - European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate.

With gathering momentum in the non-listed real estate industry for consistency in reporting and transparency, performance measurement and benchmarking have become increasingly important for both investors and Fund Managers as the industry strives for greater comparability. In this webinar, Katie Smith, Head of Analytics at CBRE Global Investment Partners will discuss the importance of benchmarking, the challenges faced and the use of consistent measures including the use of the INREV index as a comparison for performance.

Technology & Real Estate: Friend or Foe?

During our 20 minute webinar, Rob Promisel (Global Portfolio Manager) will provide a recap of Fund performance over the December quarter and discuss the key technology trends impacting real estate. Technology is causing disruption for real estate e.g virtual supply (Airbnb creating sleepless nights for hotel owner/operators and Etail replacing shopping malls), work place changes, sustainability requirements.