Tokenization of Commercial Real Estate: Offering and Trading Property Investments on the Blockchain

Property Investments
The adoption of cryptocurrencies and the emergence of blockchain platforms have made real estate tokenization a potential capital-raising option. With tokenization, ownership interests in real estate assets can be more immediately bought and sold, but tokenization requires a thorough understanding of the technology, the offering process, and the regulatory issues involved.

Investors typically invest in real estate through an LLC or limited partnership that owns an underlying property. With tokenization, LLC or LP interests are in the form of tokens that can be traded or used as collateral in smart contracts. The issuer must determine the number and type of tokens and select an exchange platform for trading.

The issuer must also decide whether a security is being offered and registration is required. Offering documents may include operating agreements, subscription agreements, and a private placement memorandum. Offerings must also comply with KYC requirements and have appropriate protection of user data.

Tokens should have built-in compliance features such as restrictions on transfers and secondary trading. Issuers will also need to determine how distributable cash will be paid (perhaps using stablecoins or other digital currency).

Listen as our authoritative panel discusses these and other matters associated with commercial real estate tokenization.
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Creating Value: How to Maximize the Tenant Experience Through Data

Things are different now. As return to office takes shape, the tenant experience will need to change. For operators, the new challenge is how to deliver value in response to the new demand of hybrid work. Is space being used efficiently? Do your amenities fit your tenants’ needs? Are they able to make informed decisions about their space? Find out how the informed use of data can show your tenants that you’re improving their bottom line—and improve yours at the same time. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: evaluate tenant traffic data meet tenants’ changing needs use data to be more competitive in the marketplace futureproof your properties
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Seniors Housing Investor Outlook 2018


Our discussion will highlight: - National and local area construction and absorption trends - Labor market observations - NIC/NREI Investor Sentiment Survey results - Transactions volume, pricing and cap rate trends - Comparative commercial real estate investment performance returns - Current trends and near-term outlook for seniors housing market fundamentals
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Moneyball for Real Estate Webinar


In today’s commercial real estate landscape, most markets are highly saturated and developers are attempting to “out-amenitize,” “out-incentivize” and “out-build” the building next door. Commercial real estate is highly commoditized, but it doesn’t need to be especially for those armed with the right insights.
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Webinar: Introducing the CRE Collaborative

Quantum Listing

Watch the replay of our webinar with CRE Collaborative's founder, Andreas Senie, a veteran commercial real estate broker and technologist. Andreas gives us an in depth look at what his CRE Tech 2.0 service is all about, connecting the technology in your stack, so that it all works together.
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