Transforming Homeless Services in Pierce County, Washington

National Alliance to End Homelessness

This webinar examines how Pierce County, Washington conducted an extensive assessment of the county's homeless service system and determined that with no new funds, rapid re-housing was the answer to serving more households and better outcomes.  Tess Colby, Housing and Community Development Manager for Pierce County and Joe O'Neil, Executive Director of Exodus Housing discuss the transformation of the homeless system using rapid re-housing and the impact it had on housing investments, families served, and overall implementation of coordinated entry and prioritization. O'Neil also touches on how to successfully use rapid re-housing to serve victims of domestic violence.
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Rent or Buy? Renting is best for short-term housing needs. Renting an apartment means no property taxes, mortgage insurance and maintenance costs.


Foreign Investments in U.S. REITs: Tax Challenges for Investors and Funds Seeking Foreign Capital


According to the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate, the U.S. is currently the leading country for real estate investments with 81% of the respondents looking to increase investments in 2015. REITs are a very popular and generally tax-efficient vehicle for foreign investments, particularly for foreign institutional investors, pension plans and sovereign wealth funds. When REITs dispose of U.S. real property the gain is generally taxable to the foreign investor under FIRPTA. In addition, tax withholding obligations can be triggered. FIRPTA tax can be avoided, however, if the fund or investor can take advantage of FIRPTA exceptions including those for domestically controlled and publicly traded REITs. REITs seeking to attract foreign investors must exercise due diligence in how their fund is organized and how the foreign investment is structured to achieve the most favorable tax outcomes for its investors.

Championing Diversity in CRE: Best Practices and Strategies


For commercial real estate, attracting diverse professionals enriches the talent pool and enables the industry to stay relevant and in-touch with an ever-increasing global business community. Join Duke Realty CEO Jim Connor and NAIOP President and CEO Thomas J. Bisacquino for this timely discussion on how building a more inclusive workforce can create a stronger company and industry.

Women Of Real Estate Full Session

Institute of Real Estate Management

Women Of Real Estate Full Session.

Trends, Issues, and Outlook in Home Remodeling

National Association of REALTORS

In this video, Dr. Kermit Baker discusses trends, issues, and outlook in home remodeling. He talks about home designs and remodeling projects that are in demand, especially by the largest demographic groups, the baby boomers and millennials. Find out which home renovation projects appeal most to home sellers and buyers.Dr. Kermit Baker is a Senior Research Fellow, Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University and Chief Economist at the American Institute of Architects.