Uncorking Productivity and Profits in Construction Management

This webinar looks at the latest findings from the USG+U.S. Chamber of Commerce quarterly Commercial Construction Index (CCI) report series. The report is based on research conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics and captures the unique perspective of contractors about the health of the commercial construction industry. Not only will the webinar discuss the Q1 report findings about contractors’ overall confidence in the market and their biggest concerns and challenges, including their responses about backlog of work, material prices and workforce shortages, but it will also look at the way the construction industry working to change the perception of a career in construction and the top ways contractors believe the industry can attract and retain new workers.
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E-Signatures and Electronic Documentation in Real Estate Finance: ESIGN and UETA, Interplay With UCC

ENotes and other electronic loan documentation are now routine in residential mortgage lending and have gained more acceptance in commercial real estate lending. The industry is gradually moving toward the digital transformation of the mortgage lifecycle: application, closing, documentation, notarization, recording, and securitization. ESIGN and UETA establish the legality of electronic records and signatures. MERS provides a platform for filing and tracking transfers of "control" of real estate notes from one party to another. However, electronic documents must comply with the UCC and recording statutes (which might require a paper original of the mortgage) and other applicable state laws. If litigation ensues surrounding electronic loan documents, counsel must understand and address enforceability, authentication, and admissibility issues of electronic communications and e-signatures. Listen as our authoritative panel discusses the use of eNotes and electronic loan documentation in commercial and residential mortgage lending. The program will also examine legal and practical issues regarding transferability, UCC perfection, the authentication of electronic signatures, and the admissibility of electronic communications and e-signatures in litigation.
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Real Estate Tax Reform Update

Withum’s Real Estate Services

Year-end means it’s tax planning time and knowing the rules is more important now than ever. The Tax Code underwent groundbreaking reform in 2017 with most of the law becoming applicable in 2018. The Treasury Department has been busy over the summer and fall producing additional guidance on the new sections of the Code.
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Leveraging the New ConsensusDocs Construction Contracts


Standard design and construction contracts set the playbook for project success or failure. Case law, technology, and insurance have changed dramatically over the past 10 years. ConsensusDocs, a coalition of 40 leading construction organizations that include leading organizations like AGC, ABC, and COAA, published comprehensive updates to its most used prime and subcontract agreement. Changes to ConsensusDocs address payment, insurance (builder's risk policy), terminations, indemnification, mediation, and arbitration, attorney's fees, and much more. You will learn from the lead staff person, the highlights of the most significant changes and strategize how you can leverage in contract negotiations in using the new editions of ConsensusDocs standard documents for design-bid-build, design-build and CM At-Risk.
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How to Kick Start Your Property Investing in 2019

Real Estate Investar Ltd

In this 60 minute on-demand webinar you will learn: - The importance of setting SMART property investing goals - An explanation of the different property investing strategies, and how to decide which is best for you - How to understand the property acquisition process - Who should you seek help from - how build a team of experts. - How to start your research and target suburbs and properties that meet your buying criteria - Already own property? Expert tips on how to optimise your portfolio and boost cash flow
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