Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act

Housing issues are one of the topics that concern a great number of people across the country, and one of most often talked about issues within state governments across the country. The Uniform Law Commission is an organization that provides states with non-partisan, well-drafted model legislation meant to bring clarity and stability to critical areas of state statutory law. URLTA focuses on the rights and duties of residential landlords and tenants. This material will discuss the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, the history of the Act, and recent changes to the Act, as well as cover what states have adopted the act.
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Automation benefits for property management


For successful property management you have to control tenant payments, due dates and receivables, lease agreement details and asset management. Automation of property related business processes allows you manage real estate items full-service and within single source.
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Allocating Overhead to Construction Projects


Gain an understanding of overhead allocation and its role in assuring projects are profitable. This topic will include a clear definition of what costs are actually overhead to be applied to jobs. The information will define the specific costs that are direct vs. those that are indirect as part of the overhead total costs to be allocated. Then we will look into the various methods to allocate overhead with a few key case studies on how the method you choose will impact each jobs profitability, and the practical applications you can use in your daily roles and apply to your business.
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How's the Real Estate Market?

The VP of Content and Marketing for Keeping Current Matters, David Childers, joins Breakthrough Broker President Eric Sachs on this month’s webinar to answer the real estate industry's burning questions. This must-see presentation will show you how the real estate market is looking for the rest of 2021 and how to answer the industry's toughest questions like: Are we in a housing bubble like 2008? Are homes affordable right now? Will inventory increase or decrease? And so much more!
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Commercial Lease Restructurings and Workouts


Lease defaults are at a record high and vacancies are mounting, providing significant leverage to tenants in lease negotiations. Tenants seeking to benefit from current market conditions are pressing for restructured lease terms, including reduced rent and other midterm concessions. Moreover, tenants concerned about their landlords financial stability are insisting upon subordination, non-disturbance and attornment agreements to protect themselves. At the same time, tenants with failing businesses are pursuing lease workouts to avoid eviction.
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