VAT and property in 2021

Our indirect tax specialists discuss a number of topical VAT issues related to UK real estate, both new and ongoing, covering topics including:

  • RCB 12/2020  - VAT on early termination fees and compensation payments
  • VAT exemption
  • Domestic reverse charge
  • Sale and leasebacks
  • A recent care home case
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Real Estate Investment and Capital Markets


Real Estate Investment and Capital Markets examines at an intermediate to senior level the intersection of real estate space markets and real estate capital markets by exploring in depth the Four Quadrants of Real Estate Finance: (1) private debt, (2) public debt, (3) private equity, and (4) public equity, and their application to real estate space markets, as well as exploring derivative markets that involve real estate.
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Real Estate Data and Analytics - Powering the Enterprise: Developing a Data Strategy (Part I)

The challenges commercial and corporate real estate decision makers face in today’s competitive business environment are multi layered and complex. Using different data sources to explain the performance of your organization, comparing varying courses of action, generating actionable insights and employing a structured approach to business problem solving is crucial to achieving a clearcompetitive advantage. This series introduces data strategies, covers advanced analytics tools and approaches, and discusses prominent data case studies that had measurable results. Organizing the tremendous amount of back office, smart building and occupant data into a cohesive information management program is critical to achieving organizational efficiency and business acumen. This session identifies best practices and shares valuable insight into developing a modern, comprehensive enterprise data strategy.
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Property and Liability Insurance in Commercial Leases: Key Provisions and Coverage Issues

One of the more complex commercial leasing areas involves insurance provisions and how they relate to indemnities for third-party and first-party claims. Businesses can address these risk allocation issues with liability and property coverage, but counsel must ensure indemnity provisions that do not impede insurance coverage. Counsel must identify the potential, relevant casualty loss exposures and the scope of the applicable insurance policy(ies) when drafting insurance requirements to apply to each party. A vital issue in liability coverage is the ability to access the other party's coverage in the face of a contractual liability exclusion and other policy limits. The parties should obtain additional insured status to confirm insurance coverage of contractual indemnification under the lease. Listen as our panel of real estate attorneys looks at casualty and liability insurance issues critical to landlords and tenants negotiating a real estate lease. The panel will discuss essential coverage and contract provisions to require insurance coverage and maximize coverage benefits. The program will also discuss other coverage issues relevant to commercial leases, including exclusions, proof of coverage, additional insured and loss payee parties, and primary/excess coverage.
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2019 Construction Outlook & Trends

Dodge Data & Analytics

This on-demand webinar will give you the insights and details you need to plan for business success in 2019 and beyond. Hosted by Dodge’s Chief Economist Robert Murray and Senior Director of Industry Insights Research Steve Jones, this one hour webinar highlights construction starts across several project types, along with the major factors affecting construction today.
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