Video: Basic Real Estate Finance Workshop

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Designed for those new to real estate finance, this one-day workshop will introduce students to basic principles of real estate finance. Beginning with an introduction to finance terminology, the workshop will acquaint students with fundamental real estate finance terms and concepts including: income-producing real estate, net operating income, percentage rents, compound interest, discounting process, internal rates of return, and mortgage financing and leverage.
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In recognizing these four forces, it is noted that the physical attributes of the real estate component of a particular property being appraised comprise only part of one of these


Business intelligence for real estate – it’s easier than you think


Data is the lifeblood of today’s commercial real estate industry. Everyone recognizes the value of data, yet business intelligence tools are notoriously complex to implement, difficult to maintain, and slow to prove themselves. So, how can CRE firms effectively leverage data to assess trends, analyze portfolios, maximize returns and minimize risk?
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Investing in Commercial Propert


Before taking the plunge into commercial real estate investing, one should have a clear understanding of how to select the right location, preferred type and class of property, what due diligence to do, how to secure financing, how to negotiate a deal, and how to manage the property going forward as a commercial landlord. This Financial Poise panel explains the process from looking for the investment, to contract, to closing, and beyond.
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Environmental Liabilities in Real Estate Transactions


Know how to handle real estate transactions involving contaminated or potentially-contaminated properties. Many real estate transactions involve properties that have known or potentially unknown environmental contamination. Because of the strict liability imposed by environmental statutes it is important that real estate transactions be proceeded by appropriate due diligence and that the existence of any environmental contamination and associated liability be allocated in the Purchase and Sale Agreement or other applicable transaction documents (i.e., lease or financing documents).
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As a real estate agent, you've probaby used more than one vendor to grow your real estate business. And while their individual services may be great, the additional invoices you pay to multiple vendors, decrease you might see in productivity, and your skyrocketing blood pressure is not.
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