What Specialty Contractors Want You to Know About Procore

No matter what your specialty is, Procore was built for specialty contractors who need an easy way to keep their teams safe, on schedule, and on budget. But you don't have to take our word for it.
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Boundary Problems and Property-Line Disagreements


Your telephone rings, you receive an email and/or a potential client drops by your office. They want you to perform a survey of their property, when can you come to the property and how much will it cost? You ask for the location of the property and their contact information. You thank them for giving you this opportunity to perform their land surveying services and began preparing a cost estimate for your land surveying services.
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Future-Proofing Real Estate Investment – How Industry Leaders are Factoring in Climate Risk

Urban Land Institute

Currently, a substantial amount of real estate assets are located in coastal cities vulnerable to the effects of climate change, from catastrophic events such as hurricanes and flooding, to more gradual changes such as sea level rise or extreme heat. Recent research has shown that the impact of real and perceived risks of climate change are already beginning to be reflected in pricing of residential real estate, and commercial real estate may be next.
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Higher Capture and Conversion Strategy for Real Estate Agents


During this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn: - Learn why using the right scripts will lead to more leads and contacts within HomeScout® - Train your buyers how to use HomeScout’s technology which will keep the buyer in full control as they search 100% of all MLS listing data - Understand the importance of early introductions to a Loan Officer even though they might not be ready to buy
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Sales and Marketing Strategies Webinar

Mollie Carmichael has the latest trends in new home marketing strategies to help you tell a compelling story that speaks to the needs and dreams of your home buyers. Watch the “Survive and Thrive: Sales and Digital Marketing Strategies” webinar replay below to learn more.
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