Webcast that will discuss how IWMS technology (Integrated Workplace Management Solution) is critical to proactively managing your facilities and real estate portfolio. Having proactive data-driven insights allows continual optimization of your facility operations to maximize the utilization of your existing space and proactively manage growth and change.
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Building Green in the U.S. from the Owner and Contractor Perspective

Dodge Data & Analytics

Dodge’s recently published World Green Building Trends 2018 SmartMarket Report provides a comprehensive look at the level of green building activity, influences on the green building market, business benefits of green and use of green products and services across all players in the construction industry in 19 global markets. This webinar focuses on one slice of that overall study, the responses of owners and contractors in the U.S.
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Allocating Overhead to Construction Projects


Gain an understanding of overhead allocation and its role in assuring projects are profitable. This topic will include a clear definition of what costs are actually overhead to be applied to jobs. The information will define the specific costs that are direct vs. those that are indirect as part of the overhead total costs to be allocated. Then we will look into the various methods to allocate overhead with a few key case studies on how the method you choose will impact each jobs profitability, and the practical applications you can use in your daily roles and apply to your business.
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Probate Real Estate Fast-Track

13k probate cases are opened each week in the United States, involving over 8750 primary residential properties and even more secondary properties! And that’s a low-end estimate! If you'd like to see if becoming a Certified Probate Expert is right for you, register for our new (free) class. We even have a special Goodie Bag of resources just for attendees - Hope you’ll join us
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Homeowner Documents for Developers and Project Owners: Financial, Governance, Control, and Liability Provisions

From single-family homes to condominiums and townhouses, project developments by necessity require lengthy and complicated homeowners association (HOA) documents. For developers and project owners, these founding agreements are critical for the success and profitability of these projects. Tailored and well-drafted HOA documents govern specific property uses, define the services the HOA will provide, and address how property owners will jointly govern the association. HOA documents are also rife with points of potential dispute--from fees to management and control issues. Careful planning and drafting of these documents are essential to successfully exiting the project and avoiding later liability. HOA documents can address pandemic issues and perhaps the relaxation of some restrictions to address unforeseen hardships such as deferrals of assessments due to COVID-related layoffs. HOA litigation often results from poorly drafted HOA agreements, insufficient due diligence, or an incomplete negotiation that failed to consider all pre-and post-transition contingencies. Counsel for developers and project owners can drastically reduce the risk of client exposure and costly litigation by taking the time to ensure the initial document is unambiguous and complete. Our panel will guide counsel to developers and project owners in structuring and drafting the essential financial, governance, control, and liability provisions of HOA agreements. The panel will provide practical insights into strategies for preserving value for property owners while ensuring that developers can successfully exit the project and avoid subsequent liabilities. Listen as our experienced panel of real estate attorneys provides practical guidance on structuring and drafting the essential financial, governance, control, and liability provisions of HOA agreements. The panel will offer insights and strategies for preserving property values while ensuring developers can smoothly exit the project, avoid ongoing liabilities, and maximize project profitability.
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