January 22-24, 2020 | USA

What are the latest factors impacting deal flow, valuations, fundraising, the availability and cost of capital? As some investment opportunities recede, what others are rising to take their place?  What are the innovative investment strategies that early adopters are already reaping the rewards from?


To-Do List for First-Time buyers save: improve credit score; calculate what we can afford; choose a realtor, visit homes take photos, make notes; Narrow choices, visit neighborhood during the day and at night to gauge traffic, noise etc.


IWBC 2022

November 1-3, 2022 | USA

IWBC 2022 is an absolute must-attend for anyone connected to the commercial, industrial or residential construction industries. Industrialized construction’s surge, powered in part by a new ESG (environmental, social and governance) ethos among business and investors, is an opportunity without equal. If you’ve been dwelling on the edges of this revolution, now is the time to join it, push it and profit by it.


November 12, 2022 | USA

The Multifamily Investor Network Conference (MFIN) is a one-day, no sales pitch event for multifamily investors, syndicators, and multifamily vendors. The MFIN Conference is packed with high-caliber speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities that will help you succeed as a multifamily investor.

Real Estate Innovation Festival

November 9-10, 2022 | Australia

As Australasia’s real estate sector grows in size and sophistication, asset owners, property developers, investors and service providers in the region are increasingly looking for ways to improve their operations, reduce risk and gain an advantage over their competitors by adopting new technologies. This move towards tech adoption in real estate is called PropTech, and it’s a movement that has been gathering speed across all asset classes, as well as up and down the value chain. At the Real Estate Innovation Festival 2022 (REIF 2022) we’ll bring together the gamechangers of the real estate industry for exclusive insights, business and networking opportunities, and to showcase the most innovative PropTech solutions to unprecedented challenges. Join us and help shape the future!

PREA's 2022 Annual Institutional Investor Conference

October 19-21, 2022 | USA

You are invited to join us for PREA's 2022 Annual Institutional Investor Conference, which will feature sought-after speakers tackling such timely issues as today’s foremost macroeconomic developments, geopolitics, the confluence of institutional and retail capital in commercial real estate markets, and current conditions across the housing and office property types.