Housing Market Intelligence Conference

October 8, 2019 | UK

Housing Market Intelligence Conference is the leading information provider for the housebuilding industry, with a portfolio that includes the industry's leading magazine, its most prestigious awards and leading business conference.


Avalon Fashion Valley is located in San Diego, CA. Check out a tour of the community with a tour guide.


CREF/Multifamily Housing Convention & Expo

February 13-16, 2022 | USA

CREF/Multifamily Housing Convention & Expo is an event that illustrates products like commercial and multifamily mortgage bankers, loan producers, investors, and services, pension fund advisors and life insurance company investment officers Conduits, commercial banks, savings banks, credit corporations and other lenders, etc. It is for commercial and multifamily real estate finance professionals.

Housing Technology Conference

March 2-3, 2022 | USA

The Housing Technology Conference 2021 brought together 400+ guests from across the country for unparalleled information sharing andlearning opportunities. We hosted 30+ presentations covering everything from new technologies and core business applications to cyber security and digital transformation.

2022 Spring Editorial Advisory Board Meeting – Institutional Real Estate Americas

April 12-14, 2022 | USA

The 2022 Spring Editorial Advisory Board Meeting - Institutional Real Estate Americas is an open forum meeting designed to create and foster stimulating dialogue. It is a place for the exchange of ideas and cultivation of feedback to improve the quality of Institutional Real Estate Americas. There will be no investment manager or consultant presentations and no speakers. Marketing is strictly prohibited. The content of these meetings is confidential and for the benefit of participating board members only.

Financial Architects & Thomas Title Broken 1031 Exchange

April 6, 2022 | USA

HOW TO SAVE YOUR 1031 EXCHANGE Learn about options, strategies & solutions with Tax Advantages Reception 4-5pm