Real Estate Data to Investment Decisions: A Focus on Niche Assets

March 28-April 1, 2022 | USA

As commercial real estate investment professionals, we’re called to make wise decisions, yet we’re awash in often meaningless and contradictory information that passes for “data”. But how to sort the wheat from the chaff? How to form an integrated perspective that galvanizes investor interest and enables action and most importantly, results?


This study investigates the price effects of environmental certification on commercial real estate assets. It is argued that there are likely to be three main drivers of price differences between certified and noncertified buildings.


National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries Conference

March 14-17, 2022 | USA

Back in June of 2020, the National Bureau of Economic Research announced that an economic peak had occurred a few months earlier, in February, signaling the start of an economic downturn. About a year later they determined that the trough occurred in April of 2020, thus establishing the shortest recession in U.S. history, only two months long. Fast forward two years to early 2022. Where are we now in our economic recovery? Inflation, interest rates, employment and unemployment are all important inputs into analysis of commercial real estate assets. Join us in Phoenix as we explore these important trends and impacts!

Real Estate Zoomathon

February 23-24, 2022 | USA

Realtair and Lee Woodward are proud to announce their involvement in the Realty Media Group Zoomathon. This charity event will not only provide real estate training from coaches and speakers around the globe over a 30-hour period but will help to raise funds for Hands Across the Water, a charity that is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children and communities

Novogradac 2022 Affordable Housing Conference

April 28-29, 2022 | USA

Expansion to the LIHTC would provide safe, stable and affordable housing to more people in need. During our two-day conference, our expert panelists will discuss the future of affordable housing, the introduction of new tax incentives like the neighborhood homes tax credit, how to use private activity bonds and equity pricing in 2022.

19th Annual Winter Forum On Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing

January 19-21, 2022 | USA

Significant shifts are happening in commercial real estate (CRE). With the protracted cycle the CRE industry is in uncharted territory. Is this is a fundamental shift? Does early/mid/late-cycle investing need to be re-evaluated? With geo-political risk, tax reform and other critical industry disruptors that are causing or have the potential to cause major change across asset classes, where are we headed? How in turn does this impact deal flow, valuations, large fund dominance in fundraising, the availability and cost of capital, etc., etc., etc.? As some investment opportunities recede, what others are rising to take their place? What are the innovative investment strategies that early adopters are already reaping the rewards from? Tacking these fundamental issues, IMN is excited to once again host the largest event of its kind on the West Coast: 19th Annual Winter Forum On Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing, January 19-21, 2022, The Montage Resort & Spa, Laguna Beach, CA. Attracting 1000+ registrants each year this three-day event is renowned for its history of delivering critical market information, strategic insights and unmatched networking opportunities. Join us in January for the industry insights and connections that could make or break your year.