Think Realty Conference & Expo

July 13-14, 2019 | USA

If you consider yourself a real estate entrepreneur, this event is for you. Learn about tools, tips and resources, and how to manage your real estate business. Meanwhile, you will also connect with pros, exhibitors, and educators that will help you to earn more return on your real estate investments. Space is limited and we expect to sell out!


The future of real estate in the world's leading cities.


Chicago Women in Commercial Real Estate (3rd Annual).

March 8, 2022 | USA

Influential Women In Commercial Real Estate, The New Normal, Established Leaders – Experience Is a Great Teacher.

US Multifamily & Single Family Built to Rent Housing

March 28-April 1, 2022 | USA

As commercial real estate investment professionals, we’re called to make wise decisions, yet we’re awash in often meaningless and contradictory information that passes for “data”. But how to sort the wheat from the chaff? How to form an integrated perspective that galvanizes investor interest and enables action and most importantly, results? This program, taught by a real estate data expert, helps you to use technology, proprietary data, and a proven framework to elevate your decision making and investment outcomes. Iterations are frequently offered, each focusing on multiple different, rapidly-evolving asset classes.

Realtor Broker Summit

April 5-6, 2022 | USA

The REALTOR Broker Summit offers an incredible two days of learning, exclusive insights, and in-person networking. Connect with industry experts, discover technologies, and obtain strategies to take home to your clients, agents, and business. Get the latest on best practices, innovations, and info on the changing shape of real estate from industry experts to bring it home to empower your brokerage, agents, and clients. Connect with an elite community of real estate leaders, tech entrepreneurs, and top brokers from across the country, in-person!

Housing Technology Conference

March 2-3, 2022 | USA

The Housing Technology Conference 2021 brought together 400+ guests from across the country for unparalleled information sharing andlearning opportunities. We hosted 30+ presentations covering everything from new technologies and core business applications to cyber security and digital transformation.